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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol: Disco


Rumor has it that Adam will be awesome - well duh! And my spoiler list tells me he goes first. SO I could make this short and just praise Adam, but then I couldn't insult Lil Rounds and her huge ass - so I shall report on them all!

1. Lil - Ooh the list was wrong! Sweet! Now I get to do the ass first. Her ass is HUGE in that outfit. Black is apparently NOT slimming on everyone. Nice extensions - and with that I'm being 100% facetious. The bangs on her or horrendous. Is it me or is this song choice predictable as hell? Randy nailed. Again she was manic and all over. Basically the judges don't like Lil - and neither does R****! ---- I don't need to write more ... Simon said what I wanted him to. And why does she ALWAYS get to defend her performances when no one else really does?

2. Kris - Happy to be back to the more acoustic Jason Mraz feel with his song. This is the way I prefer Kris. I'm actually enjoying this version. Kinda cooler than the real version. I must admit I am now picturing Hank Azaria with that fake tan and Daisy Dukes singing and dancing to it in the Birdcage. Good performance! Mellow, original, refreshing! Kudos to Kris!!

OMG my internet just closed without my permission. Panic is setting in. Dammit!!

3. Danny -This song reminds me of Drumline. Why is Paula dancing? I need to change the cat's litter. I can't concentrate now that the internet crash has happened. Ok - I will have people unhappy with me .... I think I am over Danny. Every week I don't enjoy his voice. He hits notes, but I don't like the way he sings. "For him, for me" it always feels forced and strained. I'd like him to sound more relaxed and natural. The forcing is why I always feel like he's yelling at me. He's a nice guy - or so we have all been told - and he's a good singer. I just personally am not on the big Danny bandwagon.

4. Allison - I like this song. Can she ever just be normal? Ok - question .... we all say how she can sing and is impressive for a 16 year old ... but would you really go buy her album and listen to her for a dozen or more songs in a row? I know I wouldn't. One song? Fine. An album? Hell no. On a side note, her hair is way better tonight than last week. She still needs a new clothing stylist.


5. Adam - I love this song. Its on my iPod. I'm so ready for this! Will I be brought to tears like Deb's friends? He has a great tan. I need to get me one of those. Look at that snake ring! Wow! This is very different from the original! Kudos!! And he's just singing it with soft moments and trademark Adam Lambert signature style! Lovely. I can't wait to hear the studio recording of his version. If you haven't listened to those before, they are usually better than the show performance. They have better music and are longer versions of what we see on tv. I'll be buying this one, of course! And now let me say this: He's so cute!!


6. Matt - This song is too stereotypical for me. Don't we all picture Stayin' Alive when we think disco? Performance wise - at least he isn't singing in annoying Beegee falsetto! Well, not the whole time. He has a hard time just ending his songs. His jacket is gross. Did he need the hat? He has nice teeth. Yikes! Did you hear a girl totally squeal when Simon said he didn't like it?

7. Anoop - Damn! Bad first note! That sucks for him I'm sure. The clappy robot girls can't even clap together tonight. Nice. What the hell is this song? Is this Anoop's swan song? At this stage of the competition would you do a vanilla version of a song R**** doesn't know? Two people go home tomorrow - I wouldn't have done what he did. And I wouldn't have dressed like I was auditioning for Miami Vice. The judges seem to have enjoyed this - I was bored. He has dead performances. I want life behind the eyes of the performer - not a vacant, glazed over look (See hyena photo to the upper right!). Simon and I are sharing the same thoughts again!

Oh F*$k! Was Lil in a huge onesie?? WTF???



  1. Halfway thru the show and this is the best disco night American Idol has had. I hate disco night. Kris was fabulous. Why did they ever proclaim Lil the front runner? At least helmet hair is gone tonight.

  2. Right on. Matt is a really good singer. He always swirls around searching for notes to finish his songs. Just land on one note and be done!

  3. I give the night to Adam and Kris. Everyone else can go home.


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