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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol: Rat Pack


Top 5 - only 3 weeks left until the finale. Michael will be happy to have his girlfriend back - although hockey will still be on, so I won't have my boyfriend back! I wish Mike & Clark in Arizona watched Idol - this is Mike's favorite music! I hope they pick good songs and make me think of Vegas. Mentor ... hmmm, Wayne? Tony? Michael? ... Jamie freaking Foxx????? Seriously?? Really?? Hmm, we'll see. He went double platinum? What? I am out of the loop for sure. Fo sho. (Ooh, 1st mention of Vegas tonight. Rad).

I can't believe this show is an hour long tonight. Dude.

1. Kris - First - Kris would please me if he shaved his face. Second - this song is so sweet. Reminds me of Father of the Bride. Nice - I like the tempo change. This is so pleasant! I am liking it tonight! Kris is a refreshing little guy. Predictable ending with the octave jump, but I'll let it slide. I'm with Randy - best vocals and presentation by Kris so far. I didn't miss the robot girls that are normally in front of him!

An hour? This will be a long night of judges rambling.

2. Allison - I pray to Ryan Seacrest that Allison doesn't give me a headache tonight. And I hope she doesn't butcher a great song. Or maybe she SHOULD such so she'll finally go home?!? Dude - I've only seen the shoulders up, but she looks like a cheap whore - ooh something else to remind me of Vegas! I HATE her voice on a song like this. I am over this bar lady voice. She hits the right notes, but I don't care for the constant raspy-ness of it. The novelty of the 16 year old wore off when she turned 17 - or maybe before that. Still overrated. Randy? She looks like Brittney Murphy? Uh - NO. As a Brittney Murphy fan I am offended. Kara - she IS a one trick pony. Whoa - you put constant bottom 3 girl in the finals? No way.

3. Matt - Another song Constantine did during his season of Idol. The hat tonight - he didn't need it. He did that last week. Couple shaky notes at the start. I need him to let loose and not sound timid. Is it me or is his "voice" different every week? Sometimes Justin Timberlake, some times the Fray - what is HIS voice? Is this it? Another week of fiddling with the final note. I was underwhelmed. Jamie Foxx had me hopeful for more. I see him in the bottom two this week after that.

Do you think Jamie Foxx will perform tomorrow night? Have we heard who it is? They've been doing past Idol contestants, so who knows.

4. Danny - Glasses feel normal - thank you, Danny. Nice stitching on the jacket. Am I the only one to notice? This was going good - but he had a totally gay "yeah yeah" in the middle. Dammit - he started the straining thing again. It was just too much at the end for me - ruined the nice softness of the beginning. If he would have toned down the ending growl it would have been better ... for me. For you, for me, for yada yada yada.

Kara is really irritating me tonight. Normally I'm fine with her. Paula's dress is dumb.


5. Adam Lambert - This is a song I know from Michael Buble and listening to it with Mike. I am excited to hear the Lambert version. Like the pink stairs! Two lines in and I love it. Adam and I must have the same music taste overall because I always enjoy his arrangements, even on songs I don't know. Happy to see his regular hair with a suit. No snake ring this week. I'm feeling good listening to this! He has such an adorable smirk! In my latest Adam Lambert dream last night, he wasn't gay. He's so humble - its great! "Adam is wicked cool" - nice sign... Adam was in Wicked, for those of you not in the know.


Overall, watching the recap - the night goes to Kris and Adam, of course. And Matt needs to whiten his teeth. And Adam is freaking HOT!!



  1. I love Kris. The little girl was working too hard. She caused me to have a furrow between my two eyebrows.

  2. That was stupid. Like I had one eyebrow or three?

  3. Oh good. Simon like Matt. I just told JIm I loved it. I loved that song. I loved how he did it. It is an incredibly hard song and he was great. Still luv Kris.

  4. My "over all" vote still stands: 1st- Adam, 2nd- Danny, 3rd- Kris... BUT... the performances last night were strange for me. I've ALWAYS put Adam as THE BEST... but last night I felt he was second in line! Last nights performances were: 1st- Danny, 2nd- Adam, 3rd- Kris. Send Matt or Allison home... either one... Hell, send 'em both packing! =)


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