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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day at Diamond Lake

Saturday was absolutely beautiful! The weather reports said it would be sun, sun, sun! And thank goodness the reports were accurate!

Michael and I decided to spend the day driving to Diamond Lake to take in the sights and the snow. It was his first time there, and we couldn't have chosen a nice day! The lake is still frozen over, but it wasn't cold at all. The temperature while we were there was a pleasant 60 degrees! We were actually just fine wearing t-shirts, but our feet had moments of being chilly every time we sank in the snow!

Lady LOVED the snow. She rolled in it, ate it, licked it, frolicked in it. She was one happy puppy!

After Diamond Lake, heading home, we wanted to take a mini-hike to a waterfall. We ended up hiking up to the Umpqua Hot Springs instead. Neither of us knew they existed, so it was a fun, spontaneous adventure for all of us. Lady was such a trooper crossing the North Umpqua River on just a log, and then working her way all the way up to the hot springs. She even got brave and tried the water. I suspect it wasn't very tasty and too hot. 108 degrees they said it was!

I was a little shocked to get up there and see nude-o dude-o and naked old man. They left NOTHING to the imagination. But it wasn't just naked men. We got there right behind two women that stripped down to nothing, and I'm pretty sure I saw a lesbian couple cuddled up in one of the lower pools. Aside from one old man busy with a bong, and two little girls in bikinis, we were the only people wearing clothes. So we kind of took our pictures, touched the water, and made our way back down the mountain to head home and conclude our day!

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