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Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol: The Finale - Part 2

It killed me not to have a live blog last night - and trust me I had A LOT to say! So instead, here are my post-Idol thoughts!

First up - the winner..... Contrary to what most people would think, I am very happy with Kris being the winner, for a few reasons.
  • I don't want to hear Adam sing that horrible song Kara wrote on the radio. I think I'd feel embarrassed for him even having to sing about rainbows and mountains and dreams. I realize he is gay - but does he HAVE to sing about rainbows?
  • I really enjoy the laid back vibe Kris gives off, and I enjoy his voice. I would totally buy his album if the songs appealed to me. However, I'm not 100% positive that being the runner up would have allowed to actually get a record contract. He's a nice guy, laid back, humble. Is that going to get him ahead in the harsh music industry? I don't really think so. So I wanted him to win just so we would know he'd have a record and a chance to make it big.
  • Adam has enough star power and pizazz that he's generated enough buzz to get a contract without having to win some reality tv show.
  • This gives me the best situation - a win-win situation, if you will. Kris wins and gets a contract, Adam doesn't win, but probably still gets a contract, and we all win by getting a great American Idol finale!
Normally Idol gets on my nerves by the end of the season. I think the "Idol Gives Back" episode is what usually did it for me. I was happy we didn't have a full hour of pleas for our money and celebrity hosted clips trying to tug at our heart strings. I don't have enough money to be able to donate to things, so that episode is a waste for me. I watch for the singing and the clothes and the crazy antics. This year has proven to be the year for that! Even up until the end we were constantly seeing the twists and unexpected "shockers". I mean really - nobody was more shocked than Kris was last night when he won, right? His reaction was great. I wish the camera wouldn't have panned out so quickly. I wanted to get to see our new Idol as he absorbed what all was happening around him!

Okay - on to other things, in no particular order ....

Norman Gentle and Tatiana del Toro -- way too predictable. As soon as they talked about awards, I knew those two would be onstage doing their schtick. I enjoyed Norman more than Tatiana, but both were so predictable they weren't that funny to me.

More enjoyable was Bikini Girl and her new implants. Her voice sounded worse last night than she did during the audition process. Maybe the cosmetic surgery messed up her vocal skillz. Ha! And how about Kara?? I loved seeing/hearing her kick Bikini Girls ass vocally. I ask you this - did Bikini Girl know Kara was going to join her? She seemed shocked and mad when something was happening behind her (i.e. Kara's entrance.), but then they seemed to be just going with it together, so was it pre-arranged? It reminded me of when the Clay Aiken wannabe was singing Simon and Garfunkle and Clay came out behind him. In that instance, though, it was cute 'cause he was genuinely surprised, giddy, and you could tell he was loving the chance to sing on stage with his Idol! And I agree with my mom .... Kara needed to rehearse her bikini reveal a bit better. Looks like the zipper was kind of stuck on the bottom. But still, one of the best Idol moments ever. You know people will continue to talk about that one!

Lil Rounds ... her as is still huge! I mean HUGE! And Queen Latifah ... only if your name is Queen and you are a confident, self-assured woman can you get on stage in that black, lycra, unitard! I personally wouldn't have the guts to try to wear that, but that's just me. And why did Lil get an entire song? Matt was virtually ignored except for a couple lines with Santana - and he lasted longer than she did.
Cyndi Lauper - that was awesome! Not a fan of Allison, but I loved hearing them do Time After Time together!

Rod Stewart - he's aging, but he's aging pretty well! He is 64 in case you were curious. Rod was my first REAL concert, and it was so cool. He's always been one of my personal favorites. He almost fell, right? I think so.

I was excited to see Jason Mraz on stage! How many times have I mentioned his name throughout all of these blogs this season? I just wish he'd have been singing with Kris instead. But still, I got my Mraz, so I was happy!

I don't have much to say regarding Kris and Keith Urban. Mostly that is because Keith Urban is just Nicole Kidman's husband to me. I don't know his music; I don't really care for country music in general. But they did a good job, I thought their voices complimented each other.

Danny Gokey still makes me want to barf. He has a huge ass, too. He and Lil should have done a duet instead. Lionel was cool, but like, of all his songs that's what they chose to sing? I mean it essentially forced the awkward white guy that can't dance to dance!
David Cook was great. I loved seeing him on stage again. He is still so cool and good!

Black Eyed Peas. Eh, whatever. Blah.

Queen was a fun ending - but poor Kris. I mean that was totally a song for Adam and he dominated it! It was a cool way for them to just kind of sign off for the season. For me, for you, for them, for me, they ARE the champions! Again, a win-win situation!

Montages. I love them! So the judges' montages at the beginning were a funny start for me, for them!

And lastly ..... Beth. KISS. Gene Simmons. Adam Lambert. Paul Stanley. Make-up. Costumes. Crazy boots. Tongues. Fire. What a freaking fantastic moment in the show!!!!! The second the music for Beth started playing I knew what we were in store for and I was so excited!! Beth is my favorite KISS song, and Adam is the perfect person to sing with KISS! His costume, yes it was over the top, but if you knew that he was singing KISS, you'd know he was going to blend in perfectly when the rest of the band came out. That was definitely the highlight of my night! Gene Simmons is awesome!! Adam is awesome!! The whole thing ..... AWESOME!! And how about Adam's black/sparkly eyeliner?? That was so rad!!

So there it is .... the end of this season of Idol. A great outcome! A great 2 hours of music and entertainment. I was actually never bored - which is shocking to me! BUT I'm glad the season is over. Its run its course. Time for Adam and Kris to go do what they do and continue to entertain us all in their own, unique, original ways!

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