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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol: Rock


Okay, Idol fans .... lets remember to VOTE FOR ADAM this week, shall we?? Thank you, that's all I have to say about that.

Spoilers tell me they are doing 2 songs tonight - with one of them being duets? Interesting! Guess they had to come up with a creative, new way to make sure this fills an entire hour.

One of my most loyal readers can't watch tonight. My mommy is stuck in a budget meeting (and she is actually ON tv right now, too!), so I will do my best to describe the show for her.

Did we NEED to see the upside down sign that almost collapsed? No. Did I NEED the mac and cheese I cooked for dinner? NO! Do I NEED to say how happy I am to see the rocked up/messy/glam Adam tonight? YES!

Our mentor is slash from Guns 'n Roses. I'm trying to decide if I've ever heard him speak before. I'm happy he looks the same and not all freaky and creepy and plastic like Axel Rose.

1-866-IDOLS-01 or 1-866-IDOLS-05

1. Adam Lambert - (Whole Lotta Love) - Led Zeppelin. I am not familiar with Led Zeppelin at all. Did they do Stairway to Heaven? Are they a "they"? Adams first week going first. His hair is way different! Thank goodness fr the return of the eyeliner. He wears it so well! He is definitely being the rock star tonight. Nice dramatic pauses -- ooh and an echo effect, too! Echo - echo. His zipper is super cool - not that I am checking out his man bits or anything. His wardrobe and make up are great tonight. He's prettier than I am. Simon called his performance understated. Ha - we all knew that was him making a funny. Simon also says nobody can top it. Duh!!

*Adam's pendant reminds me of the Old Navy guy that was hitting on Michael this weekend.*


2. Allison - (Cry Baby) - Ugh. I don't feel like writing about her anymore. I'm stuck staring at her neck again. This fits her - really backs my stance of her sounding like a 50 something bar singer. She's just annoying. Same performance every week. She's like Anoop now - boring and predictable. Randy didn't like it. Go Randy! I think her red lipstick looks cheap and clashes with her hair. Paula just said this chick could play Janis Joplin in a bio pic .... wouldn't that then make her a copycat karaoke person? And aren't they always saying people sound too karaoke?? Allison needs to shut up. I hate that Ryan lets the sucky ones defend their suckdom.

** Kris & Danny - (Renegade) - I like the red lights. Hearing these two together reaffirms how much I prefer Kris' singing voice to Danny's growl. You'd think Danny was an overweight 40 year old man in a cover band from Chicago who just wants to hurry and get back to his hot dog and beer. Too bad we couldn't even hear Kris over Danny's annoyingness. Gross. Wow, Danny, nice of you to let Kris speak maybe three words during the interview. Smug ass.

I do like the idea of the duets though. Change is nice sometimes.

3. Kris - (Come Together) - Yeah - I love the Beatles! I just realized I was busy watching and not writing. Guess that shows I was enjoying it. His clothing seems very appropriate for this era of the Beatles' music. Fun to have his guitar and it was more of a dark, heavy feel versus the usual light, tender sound we're used to with Kris. Ooh Randy just agreed with my guitar thought. Kara didn't like it. She and I disagree on Kris tonight. Paula wants him to have more energy. Simon felt i twas like eating ice for lunch, and then repeated that nothing will top Adam tonight!

Please don't forget to VOTE FOR ADAM!! If you are a Danny fan, you can forget to vote for him. He's never had my vote. He never will.

4. Danny - (Dream On) - Can't wait to hear the smug one sing. He looks like the Joker tonight. Oh gawd ... that was a long, horrid, flat note. Ok, you guys CANNOT say he wasn't just screaming!!! ... (Chanelle and her mom!) You just can't! "Treeooh"??? Is that how you say "true"?? Oh damn - I almost dropped my pen and laughed when he went for that final high note. What the hell was that?? Chub - you re NOT Adam, don't even try to imitate him. What a phony pants performance. Kara says he took it too far. She wants to dis him 'cause it totally sucked, but the judges are supposed to like him and tell us we like him, so they are tip-toeing around how awful it was. Mom, you HAVE to see this!! Simon said he screamed. Ha! See??

Oh and here we go - let the sucky one defend himself. Barf. Shut him up. He's so arrogant. What a douche!

** Adam & Allison - (Slow Ride) - This will be good. FUNKY!!!! Adam's striped pants - they effing ROCK!! He's such a Hot Topic type of guy. Love it! These two are way better pair than the other. Allison's poofy hair in the back makes her head look funny and draws my eye back to her strange neck. Ack. They were fun and spunky. They really did enjoy performing together. Nice way to end the show!

Notice how Kara tried to dress "rock" tonight?

I want the phone number recap to play Danny's ... .YES!! That ending is so awesome. I am smiling hearing it again. Its almost painfully bad. No, it IS painfully bad.

Tomorrow night .... Daughtry, No Doubt, Paula Abdul. Paula Abdul? Performing? This will be a hoot!!

Now finish reading this and go vote Vote VOTE for ADAM!!!! 1-866-IDOLS-01 or 1-866-IDOLS-05! VOTE!!!

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