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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol: Top 3



So don't bother voting for Danny. He annoys me. Its 7:18 ... nearly 40 minutes until the show starts, and I'm already dreading listening to that guy growl at me and be all smug and kiss ass A-freaking-GAIN. I am sooooo over him. I see that my friend Jason hated Adam tonight. He always hates Adam. This leads me to think I'll really enjoy Adam tonight! Its kind of like reading movie reviews .... if the critics love it, I know I will dislike it and probably fall asleep. If they hate it, its one of my favorite movies! Same goes for Jason and Sara -- I seem to be the opposite of them. Go Adam!!

Top 3 tonight - with one song chosen by the contestants, one chosen by the judges. Could be interesting, could be boring and predictable. We shall see! We are at the point now where I am nearly indifferent on who wins. I say nearly because I just really, REALLY don't want to listen to Danny one more week. Last week was sooooo horrible that the thought of just 2 songs from him tonight is more than I want to think about. I can't even imagine a whole final two night plus finale with that lame smug mug on my tv.

Perhaps I shouldn't have had that yummy Umpqua Dairy strawberry cheesecake ice cream - now I'm cold and my fingers don't want to write. Tonight they have Adam going last - the key position - so yay - they want him to go through to the finals - duh!

1. Danny - Dance Little Sister Dance - I don't know this song (chosen by Paula) by title; maybe when the music starts I will. Through this annoying voice, I don't recognize the song. Paula always said he'll be in the finals every week, so she gives him THIS song? Is that help or sabotage? What's with all the gay "do-do-do"s. That was lame and boring. And stupid saxophone nonsense in the middle. Thank goodness that is over. Bad song choice - never heard it before, don't want to hear it again. They call his tone the "money spot" - yuck! His tone is what I can't stand about him. I'd have rather heard Allison again - or flipped back to the Redwings game (Tied 0-0 after the first period.)

2. Kris - Apologize - Grand piano - that's new for Kris. Anybody notice Danny tried to dress like Kris this week and last week he tried to perform like Adam? I just really enjoy Kris' calm, sweet voice. Personally I've always found this song boring, but at least I have heard it before and it lets Kris just really sing and not try to use "hat tricks" (my new hockey term!) like Danny does when TRYING to entertain. Just Kris and the music was nice for me. I really want to see Kris in the Top 2. He can sing and play and is actually likable - versus Danny's karaoke type screaming. The judges are trying to set him up as the 3rd place guy. Glad Simon called Kara out! And you know what --- if Kris did acoustic guitar, they'd have told him to do it on piano. They just want Danny in so bad, they won't give Kris his due praise tonight. Bitches.

3. Adam Lambert - One - I love that he gets mood lighting. The blue light reminds me of the Top Gun sex scene. I'm not a huge U2 fan, but I don't dislike them. I don't have strong feelings on this song like my friend Sara probably does, so I can say that for an indifferent person - I'm liking Adam's version. It was way too short!! Its done and I didn't get to critique much (but by now we all know I'll love it!). It was a usual Adam performance - unique and captivating. When he performs I get sucked in, which is why I always have a hard time writing during his songs. I wonder if Kara is a faghag like myself .... she totally wants in Adam's pants. But can ya blame her? Really? Adam = humble and truly appreciative. Danny - smug and ungrateful. Adam completes me. Sshh! (Don't tell Michael and Mike!)

4. Danny - You Are So Beautiful - What a freaking predictable song choice. Who wants to bet money I'll roll my eyes and want to puke and hate it?? Ew, a pre-song interview? I'm already gagging. Barf. Barf. Barf.
"You HAR so beautiful to me?" Interesting way to pronounce "are". EW. He tried to get all fancy and instead sent us a gross flat note - as always. Is this a ploy to get the votes of moms and people still hung up on his widower status or what?? I can't write anymore. How do you write about R. Kelly type mouth diarrhea? PLEASE!!! Please let that be the end!! GO HOME, GOKEY!!
Randy is overpraising him - again they are telling us we are supposed to like him. Why not let us decide who we like? If a guy was serenading me and sang that way to me with the hoarse straining - I'd leave the room. Give me sweet Kris or sexy Adam - not smug, schmaltzy Danny. Someone come home my hair back - I'm gagging.

5. Kris - Heartless - Michael loves this song. He blasted it in my car last night. We couldn't get out until it was over. Lets all get Kris to the finals!! Back to the guitar - and let me point out he is genuinely singing and not using technology to make it sound like he can sing - a la Kanye West. I love this!! Better than Kanye. It is back to the Kris Allen meets Jason Mraz feel! This is the way I prefer Kris for sure. Again his true talent comes through showcasing his voice and musicianship! Finally he gets his praise! He effing kicked Danny's fat ass for sure! Nicely done, Kris Allen! Kudos for Kris!

Nearing the end, I must say blogging every week has made this season fly by and made it much more enjoyable. I'm sure you'll see me back again next year!

6. Adam Lambert - Cryin' - Adam looks happy and comfortable. YES! Kara type ecstasy "Oh yes" coming from me tonight! (She's so dirty!) What a way to end the night .... 100% Adam! Many will hate it - but just listen to him. He can go high and not screech or go off key. He goes high and big - but the right way. An all over great performer. He is freaking ahhhhmazing! If I wouldn't have to suffer through the other people, I'd totally go to the Idol concert just to see him!

Simon said vote for Adam - listen to Simon! VOTE FOR ADAM!
He's so cute! So talented!

Stop reading and go vote for Adam! I'll vote all night until I fall asleep - just like last week!

Katy Perry tomorrow night .... SWEET!!!




  1. I'm pissed. I had brilliant comments about this blog. They are attached to your work spouse comments. I could be your work spouse.

    Anyway - I've only read the first paragraph of your opening blog. YOu are dissing Jason. Are we talking about MY Jason - the lovely young man that worships Mommy? I protest.

  2. I'm concerned about all the hockey references worked into your most important AI blogging. What's going on?

  3. Half way thru - If I were the voting type, I'd vote for Kris and ADam. At the beginning of the season, I pulled for Gokey. He's getting dull and predictable.

  4. Adam's last song. Get rid of the background singer. It's giving me a headache. Made it bigger and screamier than it had to be to make an impression. Don't like it. I'm voting for Kris only. Where is my phone? What's the number?

  5. Hello. Show's over. You're way behind. Your audience is waiting with baited breath. (Am I your only audience? Where's Chanelle? Where's Chanelle's Mom?)


  7. Again I voted until I fell asleep! I think my last vote was probably at 10:53pm. Go Adam!

  8. So, I think I feel about Adam the way you feel about Danny. Its sorta funny, if you think about it! I used to like Adam, but am now over him. I am sure that he will win, though, and thats fine by me. My prediction is Adam and Kris in the finals!


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