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-Steve Prefontaine
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No One Over 5'7" Allowed to Join

After a countdown that had been going on for probably three months, Jessica and I were finally back at the Enchanted Forest! Jessica's boyfriend, Ryan, joined us, as did my adorable bf, Michael. This was Michael's first trip ever to the Enchanted Forest and iIwas positive he was going to love it!

During our walk through Storybook Lane, I noticed nobody ever really had to duck. It was then that we realized at 5 feet and 7 seven inches, Michael was the tallest member of our party. We were a badass group of shorties! ....badass because both Ryan AND Michael were super cool sporting their shiny, golden Sheriff badges!

Jessica and I were busy with our cameras and talking about our Disney vacation (5 months!!) while the boys were getting quarters to shoot guns at targets in Western Town.

Michael's favorites were the Indian Caves and the Log Ride. Four adults in one log equals one very wet ride! Jessica always loves the Fantasy Fountains, and I just love it all - but probably get the most excited over the Ice Mountain Bobsleds. I'm going to say the ice cream parlor was Ryan's favorite, but I have no idea.

It was a totally rad day. Great company! Great friends! Great theme park! Great day!!

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