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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get Into the Groove

They move like no one is watching. They move like they can't even hear the music the rest of us are listening to. "They" are the always present Music in the Park dancers!

If you've ever been to a free concert at Stewart Park you know whom I am talking about. We have the Bird Lady - the large woman always in a muumuu type sack dress. She floats in clumsy, swaying circles with her gross wiry gray hair hanging from her head. This year we also have the adorably boy and girl with Down Syndrome. They really do have the best moves. The other dancers should take some tips from them. I can't forget to mention the hippie dude in his skirt. I can't even call it a kilt. Whoa! Tonight he is in army green shorts and his typical tie-dye shirt, huge socks, and lace up Robin Hood like leather boots. His hat is like the "Australian" hats I saw at the fair. His hair needs a wash and trim so bad!

This blog would not be complete without discussing the shirtless dude. He is in a very dirty formerly white shirt tonight, complete with holes from years of wear. That goes well with his very worn denim ..... capris?? This guy - how can I even describe his moves? He likes to dance right in front of the speakers. There are moves I have never seen before and don't dare try to imitate (we suspect he is under the influence of more than one substance!). Usually his ratty shorts are sagging and showing the crowd some crack. The other week he had some sort of galloping move with his right leg in front of the other. His dancing is usually twitchy. Ooh - he just wandered around with some sort of dead leafy branch - and was very into singing along with a song none of us have ever heard before. There is the galloping move again - with a sort of deep arm movement - a mix between air guitar, churning butter and rolling dice at a craps table.

I really can't go on. I have to stop writing and get watching. "Aussie" hat dude is doing something like looks like Clark Griswold's Germany moves.

Man, I love the Burg!

Oh yeah - Chuck, the drunk magician, is here.

***Note: Shortly after writing this blog I decided to FINALLY get an elephant ear. I've been dying for one all summer. Just as I placed my order .... a bomb threat caused the evacuation of the entire concert area. At least I got my elephant ear!

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