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Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Week's Horoscope

Yep - I'd say this one is pretty damn accurate!
A week for introspection. This is time to take a pause, look behind, and assess your situation  emotionally, socially, spiritually or professionally. This is a period of review, letting go and recharging yourself spiritually and physically both. Focus, now, is on fulfillment through service, empathy, and awareness of others' needs. At job, your focus is on making contacts and reaching out to others in both a social and professional sense. It's a time to turn inner restlessness into fruitful contact with others. Awareness of your position in life within the context of the group, rather than through self-centered focus is increased.

If in business, goals that involve networking, making connections with others, joining or strengthening ties in a group project/activity, and nurturing good are the focus this month.

Financially, this is promising week and gains are to be expected more than before. However, it will be difficult to avert your expenditures. It is also suggested to take care against loss or theft. Gains can be arrived from communications or dealings. Beneficial time for investments and grow your money. Investments in share or speculations are beneficial. However, avoid investing in insurance policy or fixed deposits.

Close relations will be important to you this week. You may feel an urge to share feelings or you may hear news that you find very important. If you are single, then it is not a good time to enter into a new relationship. If committed, you may go for discussion to a problem together. You will like to take long time to make it decisive. Emotions are on your sleeve. You want to show your existence. Your partner may not agree with you on some parts of the discussion. Take your partner's point of view seriously. Good response through children will make you feel satisfied.

Students are in competitive mood. It is time when you find ready to take exam anytime. Over confidence may spoil the scene. So look on what you have done and what is undone. Self-assessment is necessary. It is good week to take exams or competitions but not good for sports competitions. Players are advised to practice more and improve the stamina.

24th Beginning of new project is favored. Avoid haste. General gains. Feel sensitive about relationship.

25th Motivation at work. Things will generally get busier. Keep some extra time for sudden change.

26th Some changes that may lead to a new undertaking, relationship, or attitude change. General gains.

27th Feeling emotional for your financial position could figure now. Unavoidable expenses. Low for love.

28th Important meetings at work. Possessive about your belongings/finances. Feel to express yourself.

29th Make the most of opportunities that come along, but learn to discriminate. Communications are vital.

30th Discussion on past issues is possible. Desire to express your emotions.

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