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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Corvallis, Here I Come! aka My BIG Announcement!

No. I'm not moving to Corvallis.  But my body will be moving IN Corvallis!  What is this crazy girl talking about you ask yourself? (Come on Deb, you know you're curious!) .....

I have set a goal for myself. I again have Holly to thank, and also Kevin and Shannon. All 3 of them have put on their running shoes this year. As mentioned in my prior blog, I've decided to join the running community.  I figured I can't just run for the sake of running. I want to have a goal. A challenge. Something to aspire to. Something to look forward. Some sort of reward for the effort I am putting out and the hard work I'm about to go through.

My BFF in Florida is Mr. Fitness and helped encourage me and give me advice on the matter. And so my mind is set ....

On December 5, 2009 I will be running in my first ever race of any kind! It is the Beaver Fun Run in Corvallis, Oregon. It starts and ends at Reser Stadium. What a perfect setting. I am always inspired once I step foot on my old campus, so what an ideal place for me to try something I never thought I'd even consider, let alone sign up for!

So, Corvallis residents (Deb. Steve. Steve. Rachel. Baby.) and family members and friends .... come cheer me on!!  I'll be the blond girl trying so hard to not pant and pass out - while decked out in her finest orange and black running gear.   *Guess I better go out and get some orange and black running gear now!*


  1. Awesome possum... or... beaver... well, you know what I mean! =) December 5th is Rachel's birthday, too! It's a Saturday... do you know what time? My hubby Steve works all day... my boy Steve works until noon. I would LOVE to be your cheerleader! Will Debi No No and/or Michael be here to cheer you on as well? Can we have a post run party?

  2. The 5K run starts at 10am. There is a 1K at 11 - but that's for weenies! ;-) (The best part of this is I can barely run around the block at this point, but I WILL do this!!)

    I've told my mom and Michael I want them to cheer me on. I'm thinking my mom should get in full OSU cheerleader attire - short skirt and all!

    A post-run party sounds fabulous! My posse doesn't know it yet, but I am thinking we are going to spend Friday night there. I mean I am now Miss Fitness - I can't drive up that morning and then run. I need a good night's sleep.

    Oh how I make myself laugh!

  3. I am so excited for you! This is a great goal!


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