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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eugene Marathon Weekend 5K

I talk way too much, so I'll try to make this one short! 

This past weekend was the Eugene Marathon Weekend. I did the 5K on Saturday.

4:30am - my alarm goes off. Silly me felt it was important to go check facebook and my stupid farm, so then in the end I felt like I was running late. I wanted to leave my house at 5:45, but I think it was closer to 6am that I finally left. Got gas on the way out of town, and I was on my way! Things went fine until the exit I was supposed to take was closed and I had to take a detour. I don't know my way around Eugene, so I was mildly panicking about being able to find it and get there on time.

7:15am - got to the race area with 45 minutes to spare! I was happy to see we got pretty cool tech shirts instead of some loud tie-dye cotton t-shirt that I saw in photos from prior years. Another moment of panic set in when I got back to my car to put on my shoes and my number, and I saw I had no safety-pins. Fortunately I ended up finding a big bowl full of them when I got back to the race area. I was scrambling in my head as to how I was going to get my bib to stay on. In the future I will bring my own - just to be safe!

7:55am - we all line up on the street and Flap Jack comes over to the race area. Poor guy - he has to run in basically a big pancake mascot type costume. If you cross the finish line before he does, you win 40 pounds of Krusteaz mix. Yeah, that guy is FAST! I had no hopes of passing him so I didn't even try. I think maybe 10 people beat him last year?

8:00am - we are off and running. I was settling in to my pace and feeling good when I looked up, and there was the biggest hill ever. They said, right before the starting gun, that this course was "as flat as a pancake". Well, this pancake has HUGE lumps!  I decided not to let the hill phase me, and I just kept my pace through the entire thing and even passed people, so that was a boost to my confidence right there! The course went through a nice wooded park along the river. After the hill it was pretty much a flat course -thank goodness!  Feeling cocky, I continued running while making silly faces for my camera. I have my priorities, ya know!

8:32am - Mile 3 was in sight. Click a photo of the mile marker, Click a photo of myself at the mile marker, and then go in for a really fast (for me) sprint to the finish. My goal was to get a new PR for myself .... and at 8:33 I did!!   A fellow runner behind me told me I had a very consistent pace and she made a point to always keep my pony tail in sight. So that was nice to hear. I always try to keep myself at a steady pace, so I guess I did!  Upon checking, I beat my last race time by a full minute - even with that huge hill! The last race was just a completely flat course, so I'm still celebrating the fact that I feel like the hard work is paying off!

10am - I hit the expo and totally scored! The "goody bag" was actually pretty good! I managed to snag a free t-shirt from a vendor, talked with some Disney people (which always gets my ex-cast member pixie dust flowing again!), bought a Prefontaine running shirt to use while I train for the Prefontaine Memorial later this year, snagged a free Prefontaine poster to put up as motivation, and got myself a "Will Run For Margaritas" head band!

Overall it was a total success!

After the race I spent the day at the Enchanted Forest (our corny Oregon theme park that I can't get enough of) and did some shopping. Got home around 11:30pm. Needless to say I spent the rest of the weekend feeling completely hungover. But it was totally worth it!

OH - I found my official stats!

Overall:  334 out of 621 finishers
Division:  24 out of 61
Gender:  165 out of 400
Time: 33:24:00
Pace: 10:47

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