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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Run To Stay Warm 5K

Okay, so to recap the short back-story .... I've been stuffy. I haven't run. Last Tuesday, on a whim, I signed up for a 5K. I figured it would be a fun way to force myself to get out and run 3 miles, but knew it would probably be my slowest race ever.  With that, let's recap the day!

4:30am: alarm goes off. Ugh.
4:50am: I get out of bed.
6:15am: I leave my house and head to pick up Sushi Guy and head to Eugene

Once in Eugene panic set it. I couldn't figure out how to get the race area. I could see it, but couldn't figure out how to get there. Long story short - we made it and no trouble getting a parking spot.  My bladder wanted nothing more than to find a potty - even if it was a porta-one. But then my nerves wanted me to get checked in. So first things first was getting my chip and number. On the way I heard, "Hey Ronda!" and there was my friend John that I haven't seen in over a year! He was doing the 1/2 marathon, and from what I hear he did great!
John & I right before the 1/2 Marathon started
Then, no sooner did I see him and start walking toward the car and I ran into fellow bloggers! (We'll get to that in just a sec!)  Got checked in. Sushi Guy was faster with that. Who knew that just registering on the day would be faster than paying ahead of time??  And while I was in line to get my number I saw Rocky! Rocky and I have known each other since junior high and had band together all through high school. He was my boyfriend for all of 2 months way back in the day. Rocky went on to WIN the 10K! He is so freaking fast!

Ronda & Rocky - a little RHS reunion in the parking lot!
All checked in, number on, time for Sushi Guy and I to wander a bit and grab the camera. Heading to check out the course map we ran into the bloggers again. Photo time!! I mean really, how many of us aren't always ready for a mini-photo shoot at any race?? For the record, I looked like a total moron in all of them. I just wanted to get that out there so you would all know that I do know and acknowledge it! ;)

And there we are! My first bloggie meet up - who knew there were at least 4 bloggers in the Pacific NW? I swear most of you are all on the east side of the US or down in Texas or up in Canada! But four of us all managed to meet up at the same time in the same place! So, without further ado I shall introduce you to LaurieFruitFly --- wait, you already know me, (Just) Trying is for Little Girls  and Elkton Runner. They were all so cool! And poor them having to listen to me TRY to talk. I swear every word I tried to say yesterday came out completely wrong. You'd think I've never even run in a race before! And everybody had a great race. Those gals are speedy! Congrats to all of you... Now if you could mail me some of your talent I would be very appreciative!

And then I promised I would share this lovely photo of "FruitFly and Sushi Guy"!

Turns out he is rather camera shy and freezes once a camera comes out (hence why I just decided to throw my body into him right before the camera clicked!). By the end of the day I think he finally started to relax. I mean you can't really get through a photo shoot with me and not eventually just give in and smile! And what about Sushi Guy?  Well .... he got first in his age group and a new PR!

BUT hold on! This is MY blog. Let's talk about ME ME ME!!!  Okay, dang -- Eugene, Oregon is called Track Town USA for a reason. Those people are FAST! And I was so grateful for that yesterday. To make a 3 mile race a short summary .... I was on fire! I couldn't believe how fast I was going. The one time I noticed I started to slow down - which then was still around 10minute miles - a pack of 1/2 marathon runners came around me - like a swarm of bees. They flew by me, but it really helped me get back on track. Near the end of mile 3 I did walk twice, but only about 5 steps each time. I was pretty sure I was going to hurl and I didn't want to get it on myself. But I snapped out of it and pushed for the end. Right at the 3 mile mark I had to do a triple take at my Garmin. Before this my PR was 31:11. When I looked down I was at 29:58. I knew if I didn't fall on my face I'd have a new PR. So I ran. Oh my gosh did I run! If they got me in any of the photos I know I will look like I am a distorted alien type freak probably in massive pain. I just pushed it harder than I've ever pushed it ... and I snatched up my new PR of 30:35. And not only did I get a new best time, but I finally achieved my goal of having an average pace of LOWER than 10 minute miles. WOO HOO!!!

I honestly thought I was going to be horrible. And I was okay with that. I would have never expected the day to turn out as it did! And I beat Rocky! Well, not really. I crossed, went to puke (but didn't), met up with Sushi Guy, and then heard Rocky's name announced as the 10K winner. I rushed to congratulate him, and then rub it in that I finished first. I totally expected him to pass me before the finish line. Hey - I will take any victory I can!  (The photo to the left is me showing off what I "won".... a lovely generic bib.)

Post race was a lot of fun, too! After Sushi Guy got his award, which you know I promptly tried to steal and pretend it was my own, we watched people finish and eventually decided we were hungry and must tend to our tummys. Now, if you didn't read the original blog about Sushi Guy, I will let you know that we met at a race in May, (in which I also PR'd. He might be my lucky charm?) and when he asked if I wanted to go for coffee after I was stupid and passed ... because I don't drink coffee?? Stupid Ronda!!  Yesterday I did NOT pass up on the offer!

The rest of the day we drove around Eugene to various sports shops. I ended up with some new gloves, sports bra, shirt, and running pants. Sushi Guy got new shoes. And an education in American (he is not from here) early 90's hip-hop music... in the form of Kriss Kross. And C + C Music Factory. 

No trip to Eugene is satisfactory for me until I visit Pre's Rock. Today was especially important for me. My new thing has been to have a bubble bath and pep talk with myself the night before. And in my pep talk I do my best to talk to Pre and have him help me the next day. Well yesterday I kid you not, I swear I saw him. If any of you other runners saw this please tell me! It was like seeing Jesus in your food. I saw Pre on the ground. I don't know if it was really there. Or if it was a collection of leaves. Or what. I don't know ... but once I saw Pre I sped up, past a lot of people, and we know how the race ended. So I had to go to his rock and say Thank You!

And Sushi Guy decided to leave his ribbon as a thank you. Sushi Guy was also sick all week, and still is - and once our PR adrenaline rushes wore off we were both a pretty lame, quiet pair!

The start of our photo shoot!

Such a fun day! Overall I improved in every aspect and my body still felt great after. I didn't leave anything out there, so I feel like I really did do my best!

One more of the girls! 


  1. Congrats on a super fun 5K race! Way to go on the PR!! I love blogger meetups:) You girls all look so cute and I really like your running outfit!

  2. Congrats! That's a great time!!

    Love the pics of SG!! I've been thinking that perhaps he was nonexistent since I've seen no proof ;)

  3. Great job on the PR! Love the bloggy pics!!

  4. awesome job on the PR after being under the weather! Yay for pics of SG, and I love the fact that you call him SG. :) Maybe I need to start hanging around after all my races and see who I can meet, ha!

  5. Congrats! Maybe I'll make it to the next NW bloggie meet up!

  6. You did it! "Fruit Fly and Sushi Guy"--hahaha! That pic turned out great. Congrats on your PR. Next time I hope I get to see you finish! So glad you had a fantastic day.

  7. Congrats to you! That is a huge accomplishment - especially when you are ill!

    Feel better soon - and tell Pre I say hi. Maybe even send him down my way for some motivation!

    Take care.

  8. That's awesome, congratulations! Great report too. You can submit your race info for the Doppel race at our thread in the cool running forum (click the Cool Running link at the end of my last blog entry). Or you can just contact me by email through my blog profile. We are also pretty active on Facebook. The new standings are already up from this weekend.

  9. It was great meeting you! I love your pics! I have never been to pre's rock even though I grew up in Eugene. I should make the trip.
    Congrats again on the super PR!!!

  10. Wow, congrats on a super PR! That was a fun race recap. Aren't you glad you decided to run that 5k?? :) Awesome job!

  11. First, I think it's super cool that Sushi Guy left his ribbon on your idol's rock! Anytime I hear anything referencing Pre, I think of you.

    Second, I can't believe you bought a bra while out with sushi guy... you make me laugh!!!!!!

    Will you be my date for the princess expo?

  12. Yay! Congrats on your new PR!!

    Love all the pictures!

  13. @Lesley .... you won't believe this, but I had mentioned way earlier in the day how I should buy one sometime since I only have 2 that I like. So HE is the one that found the sports bra on the clearance rack! It is a reversible Nike one ... only $10!

    Of course I'll be your expo date! I'm looking forward to the Expo more than anything right now!

  14. Woo hoo is right! Congrats on the PR!

  15. congrats on the PR!! :D it looks like you had such a fun day!! :)


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