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-Steve Prefontaine
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Run #26 - Me Llamo Ronda AND My Fridge

I don't have much to say about run #26. I am so happy I did it. It was harder than I expected, but after I've been really dizzy for a while the first run back usually isn't a piece of cake. I got in four miles in about 42 minutes. I was trying so hard to slow down my pace, but my legs weren't listening to my head. Maybe that is because I was concentrating hard on learning Spanish? I took two years in high school and even had two Puerto Rican roommates in Florida, so I've been around it a lot, but never practiced. I thought maybe it would be fun to download a podcast and have some refresher courses while running. I felt kind of silly running along in dark repeating all of these very basic phrases and sentences, but it was fun!

* * * * * * * *

Since I am already done talking about the run, I thought I'd invite you all  into my home. OMG, did you guys see the Brenda Dickson "Welcome to My Home" parodies?? They were Hysterical!!  Anyway, I never invite people over. Believe it or not, I am a pretty private person and I just like to keep my space to myself. However, I looked at my refrigerator last night and had to laugh. There is hardly any free space at all. So now, without any further ado, welcome to my fridge!

Things you will see:
  • baby picture of my cat, Tinker Bell
  • 2005 photo from a character breakfast in WDW
  • gargoyles because I love them
  • my new sticker that says "You are capable of more than you realize" from Molly @ I'm a Sleeper Baker. Thanks, Molly!!
  • Las Vegas bottle opener for the bottles I never open
  • A Christmas card from Lesley! and one from my friend that hosts CRAZY Christmas parties
  • A mirror at eye level to try to keep me aware that I do NOT want any food from inside!
  • SkirtChaser 5K stickers
  • Hood to Coast postcard
  • Epcot Food & Wine Festival magnet
  • 1/2 marathon training plan and pen for crossing off the days
  • Mood magnet .... hm, what will today be??
  • Care Bears
  • One More Mile
  • dentist appointment reminder
  • Photo strips/photo of me and my BFF in Orlando
  • Postcard of a haunted restaurant on the Oregon coast that is super yummy
  • Race planning calendar
  • My rainbow car ribbon thing to support my gays
  • A Titanic magnet my friend let me take from her when she was drunk one night
  • McMillan running calculator print out
  • A magnet that tells me I ROCK!
I guess there is some spare room, but maybe I don't need to fill it. I actually even took some things off of the fridge this weekend. You'd never be able to tell though!

On the side of the refrigerator I keep my artwork. I figured since it looks like a grade school child painted it, the natural place for it to be displayed is the refrigerator!

Here is the second part of the Brenda Dickson parody. I dare you to watch and not laugh. If you haven't seen the original - those are so freaking scary that they are hysterical, too!


  1. Love that you posted a pic of your fridge! I want to see your artwork! And learning more Spanish? That is so cool....I want to learn a new language so bad! Have not watched the vid yet... have to get these kids to preschool! xo

  2. Our old fridge was ridiculous. On top of all sorts of pictures and cards we had three different kinds of magnetic poetry, and a crapton of other magnets. We're trying to keep the current fridge cleaner, but we do have a cool set of pacman magnets that are fun to play with.

  3. My fridge has a wooden front which means no magnets. I feel so deprived.

  4. My fridge is a total mess outside- but a clutter of kid artwork. I am just developing a strategy for filing that stuff!

    I have a lot of christmas photos there too.

    Was that a free podcast? I could use a refresher too! Me llamo tiene un "R", y mi otre nombre tiene un otro "R" tambien. lol that's more than I have thought in spanish in years. Sad!

  5. I made the fridge twice!!! My Christmas card,and that pretty little "2:20" under a handdrawn pair of mouse ears. ;-) I feel famous.

  6. Ha! You noticed!

    Did you see the "Walk" circled with a line through it, too??

  7. LOVE the fridge! Our fridge is a hodge podge of stuff too. I love the idea of the language lesson podcasts. If you ever want to practice your spanish, let me know, I'm your girl.

  8. I definitely need to send you a picture of my cute son for your fridge...I really think he should be on EVERY fridge. :) Hee, hee...

    Great job on the run, especially after not feeling well!!

  9. Well Hello...
    Kudos you for a fridge full of fashion :)

  10. Oh. My. Gosh.

    My life is complete!! Deven freaking Green commented on my blog where I am praising her beyond awesome videos???? THANK YOU!!! :-)

    I can die happy now with my underlined vagine.

  11. Like your fridge!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    I took 12 credits of Spanish in college ... and all I can do in Spanish is ordering food at a Mexican restaurant!

  12. Thanks for sharing...totally dig it! My fridge is completely covered too

  13. Congrats on your 26th run!!!

    And I freakin LURVED the video!!

    Also - I can no longer see my refrigerator under all the crap on it - maybe I should take pics and we can start a fridge blog revolution!

  14. Liked seeing your fridge. Looks like you have all the important things up there!

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