To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Friday, January 28, 2011

Run #30 - Affirmation

I believe that I am in awe that I have done so well at committing myself to running!
I believe that my biggest challenge with this run was my mind.
I believe that I felt success when I won the battle and completed 4.5 miles instead of turning toward my house at 2.83 miles!
I believe that while I am really good at night time runs, I am ready for the sun to stay out longer after work.
I believe that the right song can really help push me through a tough moment.
I believe that this Savage Garden song is one of those songs.
I believed that I was going to marry the lead singer.... he is now married to his husband. *sigh*
I believe that these training plans really do work!
I believe that each distance that used to seem scary now feels easier each time I go out.
I believe that all of you really inspire me every day when your words run through my head during runs.
I believe I owe you all a big THANK YOU! :)
I believe that a cuter outfit makes me feel like I am running better.
I believe that running up hills isn't impossible after all. I tackled a lot and still maintained the overall same pace.
I believe that my confidence about this half marathon increases after every run, no matter how fast, slow, long or short it is.
I believe in compression socks/sleeves. I wish I had learned about them ages ago!
I believe that I am completely in love with my shoes because they make me feel like a bad ass.....
I believe I have figured out the problem. 
I believe I have chubby toes.
I believe my toe nails are ALWAYS trimmed because I obsess over them constantly.
I believe that when I am running my chubby toes are smooshing on each other.
I believe that it is pretty cool to run so long and have the blood accumulate, but never feel pain!
I believe that I have accepted my chunky toes, and will just embrace them for the way they are!
I believe that I am beyond excited to go to Disney World!
I believe that I am excited to get to meet many of you in person, finally!!
I believe in Jimmy Buffett ... thank goodness the coolest man on the planet is on the mend from that fall!
I believe that the Jersey Shore is like a drug .... addicting and probably bad for you, but I love it.
I believe that 2011 is quite possibly going to be the coolest year of my life!!


  1. I believe you are awesome!!

  2. I am ready for the sun to be out more, too!! Spring needs to come quickly!

  3. You are a bad ass! I think you are going to have a great year too.

  4. I believe in LESS THAN A MONTH we will be at Disney World :D

    And bloody shoes? Super bad ass. Nice!

  5. I believe that I LOVE YOUR SPIRIT!! Everyone needs a Rhonda in their life to keep them thinking positive!

  6. Blood stained shoes? That is AWESOME. No, seriously. AWESOME.

  7. I agree with Becka. And you, 2011 is going to be fab u lous!

  8. I believe awesomeness is oozing out of you.
    Savage Garden ... Now I was almost truly madly deeply in love with them in 1997, went out and bought that CD (I don't usually buy CDs so that's saying a lot.)
    Can't wait for your 1st half and to read all about it.

  9. Ditto - To what everyone else has said. I am a Parrot Head and wish Jimmy a speedy recovery.

  10. Burpees are awesome too - just like you!!

    (P.S. please join our 2-minute Burpee contest: here)

  11. I believe you will rock this race!!!!

  12. I believe that you will do great and I believe in the power of a cute outfit.

  13. Hey there Lady! I loved reading this...totally made me smile! I love shoes that make me feel like a bad ass too!!!:)

    Good luck and happy weekend!

  14. Awesome post - you are rocking this!

  15. your bloody shoes are proof that you're hardcore : )

    love the photo of the sticker on your fridge! : )

  16. I believe you are BAD A**!!!

  17. I love Savage Garden - they were the first concert I ever went to. I believe you are going to ROCK the Princess Half!


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