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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy R.A.D.!!

What a fabulous way to spend R*nda Appreciation Day... with a day off!

I've started R.A.D. off in a pretty rad way. A phone call to my BFF in Florida resulted in being put on hold for a while. But did I complain? Nope! And why not? Because I got to listen to the Disney Parks hold music. As if I wasn't excited enough about leaving for vacation tomorrow afternoon, this just sent me over the edge!!  (I've decided to only work 4 hours tomorrow instead of 8. This lets me get up to Portland in time to watch Glee!)

My little Bug is getting her hair done today so she'll be all pretty for her week with her Grandpa Jim. She just loves him so much! Will she ever sleep with me? No. She might spoon for 5 minutes, then goes to her little bed next to mine. But will she sleep with Grandpa Jim? Oh yeah! She has her head on the pillow, her body under the big red blanket. And they sleep together all freaking night! Crazy little dog...I mean she hated him at first. I brought her home from the pound and she wouldn't let him get anywhere near me or even in the same room. Now if I say his name she wiggles and demands to get in the car to go see him!

What else? I'm on a hunt for Big League Chew today. I HAVE to have the gum for the baseball game this weekend. THIS WEEKEND!! Crazy --- I mean it is officially race week and I have 2 in a 24 hour time period! HYDRATE!! (That is a message to me, but you probably should hydrate, too!)

I finally got serious about packing yesterday. All of my clothes (regular and running) are packed. Today I'll finish charging my cameras, clearing memory cards and packing accessories and most of my make-up. Tomorrow I'll have to finish up the bathroom bag after I use it all one last time. But I think I'm doing pretty well. I'll essentially have an empty carry-on ready for expo souvenirs to come home with me! Naturally I shopped for cold weather since last year I was frozen the entire time. Now it is going to be hot! I guess I'll be happy to feel warmth for a change. I can't feel my fingers right now.

Okay then .... since I have the day off I'll be getting in one more run - which means I have 2 run reports to type up today!  Have a Happy R.A.D.  Not only do we "get" to appreciate ME, but I appreciate ALL of you, too!!


  1. have a New Kids pillow case!! LOVE IT! I have mine somewhere in storage (I hope). If I don't get to 'talk' to you before you leave...have an AMAZING time!! Kick some ass on the race, overdose on dole whips, scream your head off on Tower of Terror, all that fun stuff. :) Havee a great time!!!

  2. Well YAY for RAD day! And you get to share it with the presidents, too!!


  4. Happy RAD day! If you don't find your Big League Chew, you can get some at Dick's in Tigard on your way to the airport.

  5. Hope you have the best RAD day ever!! Funny, we just got back from doing some shopping and my son picked out some Big League Chew gum for his candy treat - hadn't really paid much attention to that in years and still wouldn't have if he hadn't picked it out. Glad you are all packed and ready to go...I'm getting excited for you. Best wishes for a great trip and an AWESOME race!

  6. I like the RAD idea. If I did a appreciation day for myself I would have to call it "MAD". Catchy don't you think?

  7. Three cheers for RAD! I appreciate your awesome sense of humour every day. ;) Have a good one!

  8. Have a grand trip, and we all look forward to hearing how great you will have done. And enjoy your day.

  9. i havent even started packing yet. maybe tomorrow. Wednesday for sure! =D

  10. Happy RAD day!! Ha - I love being put on hold when I call Disney since it means you get to listen to the hold music!! :) Have a fanastic time and a great race!!

  11. YAY! I happy (late) RAD day!

    I haven't even started packing yet. In fact I still haven't unpacked from my trip this past weekend - ugh!!!

    Can't wait until Disney - see you there I hope!


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