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Monday, February 7, 2011


I can hardly believe it myself. I ran TEN miles!!

My right hip had its moments. It wasn't always easy. The slip into the water meter kind of twisted up my whole right leg. So I admit I did stop a couple of times because it really felt like it needed to be stretched out a little. But considering at the time of the slip I thought I was going to be out of the race, I think I did pretty well!

The weather was perfect! I mean I was actually hot. I went out in my regular summer clothes and was feeling toasty. Mid-50's! Perfect. I feel almost bad even sharing that because I know a lot of you are dealing with snow and ice. Sorry. :(

The people on the path today were all very friendly - and it was very busy. It was nice to see so many people out enjoying the sunshine. But it wasn't all friendly faces, unfortunately. At mile nine I was running on the sidewalk. Two pre-pubescent boys (that I have decided are the late bloomers of their grade so they are trying to act manly and seem tough to overcompensate) decided to hog the sidewalk. When they did move, scrawny little boy with long hair blatantly laughs at me and pulls out his camera to take a picture while laughing. I'm sure he got a nice picture of my middle finger. Sorry, but don't try to bring me down on my final mile. I was feeling amazing and kicking ass - and had no problem telling some little kid to "F*ck off"! Oh yeah, I went there. Shame on me, but really I could have said worse. After my run I stopped to sit on the slope and watch the river and soak up all of the running I just did. That was really nice! When I went to walk back home I see long hair again. This time he is running through the park over to his group of friends. He points at me and they all begin to laugh at me again. What the hell?? I looked damn cute, if I do say so myself. I was having a bad ass day with my first double digit run. Whatever they had to laugh at, I just didn't care. Boys that age are little assholes. Except yours. Of course yours aren't! ;-) Honestly though, remember the boys in school when you were in 7th grade? It isn't a pretty time in their development.

So let's break down this run mile by mile. Okay, no. Let's not. At 7.7 I paused really fast to make sure I wasn't chafing. Hallelujah - I was free! But once I started in again my right hip was SCREAMING at me. I ignored it and pushed through. I was on the home stretch. Lesley told me to aim for 9 in 99, but do what I wanted with mile 10. So I totally did! I have NO idea how I pulled this out, I call it all adrenaline .... my final mile .... 9:36! Woohoo!! I mean that is my 5K race pace on a good day - but actually even faster than I've ever run a mile in any 5K race. I was questioning my ability to run the 10 miles without stopping because I still had those few pauses to stretch my leg and refill my water. But that final mile helped boost my confidence level back up. It's not going to be easy, but it is going to be a successful race!!
Celebrating my first double digit run!
In total, I did the 10 miles in 1:47, for an average running pace of 10:42. My goal for the next long run is to not stop unless it is to refill my water bottle. I will remember to stretch out my calves BEFORE the run! From here I have 11 miles next Sunday, then I get to back off until race day. Can we just all say this together? ... So EXCITED!!!!


  1. Great job!!! That's intense and I hope that you know that kid probably has problems...

    So, did you take an ice bath? Hope all is OK with the hip.

    You are RAD and going to be so ready for that half!

  2. What a kick ass run.

    And who knows what makes middle school boys tick.

  3. Awesome job!! You are going to do so awesome in your race! I totally dread the day my boys become tweens... actually I think it starts at about 9 and continues until they're 30 or so... ugh boys.

  4. Holy smokes SPEEDY FREAKING-E! Way to hold that energy at a smart place and bust some balls at the end and kick it right in the butt! You rocked that run, and still look TOTALLY cute after- hello awesomeness! Cant wait till the end of FEB!
    P.S. I GOT MY INSANE PACKAGE (and am totally still in awe)
    Your turn, to keep your EYES open (but I totally cant beat your..)

  5. That is awesome!!! You are doing so great!

  6. Sounds like a great run! 50's are fleece weather for me :D.

    And, all people suck at that age. It's not cute, on anyone.

    Did you ice bath?!

  7. Well done! That picture of you in the green grass just made me a little sad though...I'm starting to pine for the very distant Spring...

  8. You totally look cute! And I'm super jealous of your green grass. I decided I'm moving before next winter. I think somewhere that has green grass in Feb is high on my list.

  9. awesome awesome awesome!!

    what training plan did you use? or did you create your own? my longest run is 10 miles. I feel confident about it but you know...maybe I should have done more!

    sorry about your hip pain...totally get it!

  10. Way to go out there and get it done. So proud of you!

  11. I am jealous of the 50's temp. Congratulations on the BIG TEN!!

  12. So awesome! My 12 year old son better NEVER let me catch him disrespecting any adults or he'll be grounded 'til college, lol.

  13. Send that kid home with a note to his mom.

    Yes, I'm a nerd and just calculated that if your last mile was 9:36, that your pace for the rest of the run was 10:50, so very good job on keeping a good pace. ;-) LOL!!!!!!!

    You kicked butt. Double-digits. You are READY. Next long run is just icing.

  14. @Small Town - Ice baths still scare me!

    @Rose - I bet the middle school boy just thought I was really hot! ;)

    @Laurie - good luck with your boys! I am sure they won't be like this one was.

    @Rad - I'm glad it arrived! It was fun to put together!

    @Rae - thanks!!

    @Giraffy - I would have melted in anything more. I wish I had been in less, actually. Scares me for what I'll feel when summer hits!

    @Funderson - I think we just had a lucky day here. The grass was a tad damp, if that makes you feel any better? ;)

    @Kelly - it is green year round in Oregon!

    @Rebecca - I am sort of doing Hal Higdon's 1/2 plan. But I'm lazy and don't cross train. And Lesley helped me alter it so I could get in an 11 mile run before the half. I'm a couple weeks ahead of schedule now - and I am really relieved about that!!

    @(Just)Trying - Thanks! I'm working hard so I can really earn that Half Fanatic status!

    @Mike - I like how you say that. BIG TEN. It does look better that way!

    @Kristin - that cracked me up!

    @Ulyana - thanks a bunch!! :)

    @Lesley - this does not surprise me at all! I actually had TWO miles that took longer than 11 minutes. I imagine those were the more painful miles. And I really did think of walking up to the boy at the park and asking to talk to his mommy. That alone would have cracked me up! Can't wait for the 11!! I mean I'm not jumping up and down about it yet, but mentally I can't wait!!

  15. Awesome!! You are so gonna rock it in Disney!

    Did you really told that long-haired kid to "F* off?" You are officially my heroine. You are definitely the more outspoken "twin" ... :) Kudos!

  16. @Christina .... I really shouldn't admit this. As I stuck out my hand to give him the finger and block his camera I said, and I quote, "F* off you little bastard!" and kept going at my amazing pace!

    I can't believe I did that. But I think the adrenaline from that incident helped me speed up even more!

  17. The sad thing about those boys is they are probably making several people's lives an absolute hell at school! Little punks!

    That pretty green grass in the pic still makes me feel all twisted up inside.

  18. Congratulations on the double digits! Woo Hoo!

  19. WOOHOO!!! Congrats on 10!! You are so ready and are going to rock the race!

  20. Congrats!! :) Ugh, I hate teenage boys. They're all over the park by me too and just annoying. Glad you didn't let them get you down!


  22. Yipppeeee! Congrats to you on 10 miles!

    And oddly enough, the skater boys in my neighborhood are so polite and move out my way.

    Maybe they are scared of soulless gingers???? ;)

    Soo happy for you!

  23. GREAT GREAT GREAT JOB!! it's so awesome to get that first double digit run out of the way!! Great job on the final push too!! You're going to kick some serious butt on your half!! :)

  24. Congrats - definitely something to celebrate and remember how far you've come! Adrenaline definitely helps that last part and shows you that you have the ability to keep going further! And about those boys...they will get what's coming to them. And if they keep doing that...they are going to run into someone that does a lot more than flip them off.


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