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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Run #36 - I Look Like A Runner!

This was my first run after the epic 10 miles I did on Sunday. Technically I was supposed to do it on Tuesday, but my right knee was still feeling a little unhappy from running 13 miles after getting sucked into the sidewalk. I set out determined to have a great run, and I did!!

I completed 5 miles at an average 10:20 pace. Yay! The first 2.5 I kind of decided to run for speed because that felt really good. I was testing out a new running skirt I picked up during my big shopping spree last month. This skirt will be used for non-running things now. After that first half, and I knew I was starting to have some chafing on the other leg from the looser shorts, I decided to not focus on speed and instead went for hills. My goal was to just maintain a steady pace on them, not getting too slow, but not trying to power up them like a manic (as I have been known to do in the past). After the hills were done I had just about a mile to go, so I returned to a faster pace until the finish. Overall this run felt great! If I had worn a trusty running skirt I would have done a bit better, but I figured I had to break this skirt in some time. Lesson learned.

The flattering part came after my run. I had ended mile 5 right in front of my friend's house. It just so happens that all day yesterday he was picking my brain about running. He decided to do a half marathon for the first time and has no idea how to go about doing it. I've tried to put the brakes on him because oh boy was he setting himself up for failure! I think I might be able to get him in the right direction.... I hope! And after my visit he was so excited to go online and get himself some compression sleeves. The cool part caught me off guard.... His son came out, whom I've known for almost 6 years now but haven't seen in a while. Dang, he grew like a weed! I saw him and said, "Hi! Wow, you got really tall!" My friends response, "Wow, you got really skinny. You totally look like a runner!"

Now normally I'd be like, um, are you saying I wasn't skinny before? Because really, I don't think I've changed that much physically. But I know it was intended as a compliment, so dang it, I'm taking it! Yay! Apparently I have inspired him to really start getting into running. Crazy! Who knows, maybe some day we'll actually go on a run together - would seem logical considering we live about 2 blocks away from each other. 

Here are my current stats for half marathon training, in photo form: 
23.5 is February. 95.2 is 2011 so far.


  1. Yay for having other people recognize you as a runner.

    Also, I love how you are keeping stats. Rock ON.

  2. What a great compliment. My favorite running skirt is SkirtSports Gym Girl Ultra. Never, ever had any problems. Whenever I try out another one, I end up with same problems you had. When will I ever learn?

  3. Yep - Gym Girl Ultra is THE way to go!! This was a Nike skirt I picked up and thought was too cute. Now I'll just wear it around the deck during the summer.

  4. Wow - amazing stats!!!

    You are kicking some major tail - congrats!

    Happy running

  5. Way to go! I'm with you and Kim on the Gym Girl Ultra, best shorts ever.

  6. Wow! I'm so proud of you! You rocked it!

  7. No picture of the skirt that chafed!? Nice run!

  8. Nice run!
    And yes, you totally speak and look like a runner!

    I have juicy thighs. They chafe. I give up. I am going to end up wearing capris and pants for the rest of my running life.

  9. Love your stat board! What a great way to see how hard you are working.

  10. Nice! I love your dry erase board :)

  11. You are awesome! I'm jealous that you can wear a running skirt. I'm not sure they even make them in my size, though I would likely get major chafe even if they did.

  12. Go on with your awesome self!

  13. HA! What a great compliment


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