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Friday, March 4, 2011

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Race Report

*This was my first half and the most fun I've ever had during a race!
*I got incredibly lucky having Lesley as a running partner!

Working on our "pink eye" and Norwegian sparkle
At about midnight I finally decided to try to sleep. Before that I had my traditional pre-race bath with Pre. Sounds so wrong, doesn't it?? I had 3 alarms set: 2:00, 2:05 and 2:10am. I felt like I had just fallen asleep when the first alarm went off. My mom (our ChEar squad) jumped in the shower while Lesley and I tried to function and get pretty. Pretty? Yes! We had to shimmer and sparkle. I think fun make-up it is the key to any good race after all! By 3:30 we were on the bus heading to Epcot. I can't believe how well my nerves were. Perhaps I was too tired to be nervous!?!

We found Lucy!! Wait, Lucy found us!!
That's right ... B!!
We got to the race area to see a huge swarm of people, DJ, tents with merchandise, food and clothing check, and a row of potties. First stop - the potty! And who did we see?? Lucy! What a place to have our first meeting, right? She is so freaking adorable .. it made me even forget about the putrid smell for a moment! A couple of pictures later and we got to the text from Rad Runner that it was already getting crazy crowded. So we moved through the tents and got ready for the 20 mile walk to the corrals. It wasn't 20 miles? Sure seemed like it! One more pit stop, just to be sure, then we began basking in the glory of Corral B. My first half ever, and they put me up by the speedy people? Okay! I'll take it and enjoy every second of it because it might not happen again! Once in the corral we saw Giraffy, my friend Kristen and Katye. Who knew in a sea of 17,000+ you'd find so many people you know?!? Before we knew it, it was time!

Kristin - a speedy Corral A runner!
Katye and Lesley - I'm just the photo crasher that missed the Snow White memo!

Impressive fireworks, right? ;)
For us the race started in the dark at about 5:55am. The first two miles were packed and I just really wanted to be able to stretch my legs and take a normal stride. After two miles uphill in the humidity we had a race strategy discussion. We had both been in the parks for days at this point, and I know I certainly haven't had the chance to train for 13.1 miles at race pace in this kind of weather. So we said good by to 2:20, but hello to a finish time of 2:30. I took pictures on the run since we didn't plan to stop for any photos. My legs were feeling great. I was having a blast! I knew this race was going to be one I would always look back on with fond affection.

Around mile 5(??) we saw Lilo & Stitch. They had no line. We decided why not just stop for one teensy little photo. It would be cute! The sun was just starting to rise, as was the temperature. Our picture was so fun, that would couldn't stop! We couldn't stop getting character photos! It was at that moment we decided to throw out any time goal at all and just have fun. From then on we hit every single character stop, sprinting between them to try to save some time. The looks on the photog's faces when we crouched down and got into our Haunted Mansion photo was priceless! All of Magic Kingdom was ... magical! During my training runs for the last year I've been looking forward to running through the park and making that grand exit from Cinderella's Castle. It did not disappoint at all. In fact it went by too fast.

Around mile 8 we ran into my friend Sarah who was working where the Camero and mechanic guy were. Did anyone else throw on that feather boa? I did - and it was soaked in sweat. Sarah had it on before the race and it was all dry and fluffy. *shudder* My hair took on a life of its own during this race. I should have braided it I guess. After the race it took over 30 minutes to brush out the big snarl it turned into. But Lesley was so awesome and tried to pretty it up so that I wouldn't look as gross when I threw myself on Captain Jack Sparrow! Oh yes, I totally said, "Meow" and went in for the kill. The high maintenance pretty boy heroes were hysterical. The two beside me were whining about the sun in their eyes. Lesley was ready for some special time with Prince Eric, but he was too busy talking to her about the Gu in her fuel belt. Boys!

Mile 10 came and so did the hill right after. Even though it was a struggle, it was easier than I thought it would be. This is also when Lesley got in mom mode! She pulled out her Ace when she told me to think about my necklace (my Pre "Love to Run" one that I never take off) and she started quoting him. Ooh - she's good! "See that lamp post? Can you make it there?" So we did. "How about we try for that next one?" Dang it - her tricks worked! This was really the first spot we actually walked for more than just a few steps - but we still kept it small. My problem wasn't my legs, it was the heat and the humidity. Around mile 11 I started feeling delirious. I felt like my eyes were rolling in the back of my head. I couldn't run straight. I couldn't see. I was so sure I was just going to collapse and melt. On the final hill I said, "I want my mommy." In the very last stretch toward Mile 13 she really pulled out the goods... "Do you know what is waiting at the other side?" "My mommy." "That's right. So let's go run to her!" That worked! I DID call her out on her trickery however. Her Garmin died and I knew it. Yet she looks at her Garmin, and says "We only have 1 mile to go!" Poppycock! I know that we were about 1.5 miles out at that point and she was trying to trick me with math and fudge the numbers. Ha! I may have been out of it, but I caught her! ;-)

The finish line was in sight ... and she grabbed my hand and said, "Let's finish this!" So we did - and it wasn't my normal kick, but we did ramp up the pace and cross with our arms high in the air and smiles on our faces. I get chills just thinking about it! Oh - and "my mommy" was there to see us cross and she cried!

So with all of our photos we still finished in 2 hours and 50 minutes. Not bad, all things considered. I mean we took about 150 pictures with my camera that day!

I had such a fabulous time! I don't regret our photo decision at all. This ended up about fun - and fun is what we had!! Up next ... pictures!

My favorite on-course entertainment. I had goosebumps all over!


  1. That looks like SO much fun, which makes me even more excited about this fall.

  2. Oh I love love love your argyle!! Too cute!
    Congrats again!

  3. Great report! I started in coral B too. I wish I could have ran into you. I kept looking!

  4. Love all the pictures!!

  5. IT. WAS. SO. FUN! I love your pictures!

  6. Awesome report, love the pictures! I am so glad to meet albeit briefly and by the toilets. I wish we had been able to meet you a minute or two earlier because I had been having my own princess zumba class by the dj booth before we met you by the porta potties. Totally jealous of the B corral start, and that you guys had a chance to stop for pics... there's always next year right.

    We're officially half marathoners.. I just can't get over it! WE ARE SO BAD ASS!

  7. In am so happy that you had a great race and were smart enough to forget about the time window with the weather. I can't imagine even running someplace tropical, let alone doing a race!
    Sure does sound like you had a fantastic experience and the photos will be memories for a lifetime :)

    Really really fun outfit, too!!

  8. Will you write my race reports? It should like you had a great time.

  9. That's what I've been doing wrong for all of my races: no makeup!

  10. It SOUNDS like you had a great time. :) All by the way, we are still waiting for the Captain Jack pics. lol.

  11. Captain Jack will be in the photo post! There were so many, I decided to not even try to put them in here. OMG he was so dreamy!!

  12. I am glad that you had a good race. It was really fun. Wish I would have tried to look for you guys:)

  13. The photo at the end of the race is perfect, you don't even look hot or tired. Great smile and nice medal too.
    So gla you had fun. I agree, it is hard not to stop and get pictures.

  14. what fun!! funny how she used "tricks" to help you along ;) and even tho you knew it they still worked ;)

  15. Congrats!!! I got teary just reading this! :) Can't wait to see all the other pics from the race!

  16. the weather was truly insane...and those hills..are you kidding me?! who knew?!

    did you see Ariel? That is the only princess I didn't see along the course! I would have stopped for her. Oh and I stopped for the castle.

    I agree the castle part went by so fast, and those last 3 miles were dragging..wish I had thought of running an 11 or even 12 miler!

    Either way, can't wait to affix the 13.1 sticker on my car!

  17. Awesome! Glad to hear it went great and was fun! Love the photos... And Lilo & Stitch!

  18. I totally want to do this race next year! Awesome job on your HM...I love that you took so many pictures:) It looks like such a good time!

  19. How did I miss this before? AWESOME!!
    What an awesome first half for you...the kind that keep you coming back for more!!
    Can Lesley run with me, too? :)

  20. Yes, Jill, I could. But you're faster than me. ;-)

  21. Congrats on finishing your first half! I think you did it in a really great way, stopping for pictures and really enjoying every minute! Well, at least as much as one can enjoy running every step of 13.1 :)

  22. 150 photos!
    Glad you took them and shared some -- yay!


  23. Congrats!! What a race!! Love the photos.

  24. Congratulations!!!!

    Awesome race report! And I'm super jealous of all your cute, happy fun pictures. My next Disney race is gonna be all about the pictures.

    And I loved your outfit. Super cute!

    I really need to start listening to my running coach more. She sure knows what she's talking about :)


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