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-Steve Prefontaine
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Giveaway Reminder ... & Other Things

Just a quick post today.

I wanted to give one more reminder of my giveaway that ends at 5pm Pacific time TOMORROW!  Click here to be entered to win a gift card from CSN Stores!

I successfully completed my first 15Krace. If you are a facebook friend of mine you may have seen a status update mid-race. Basically I had a major Meniere's attack not even half way into the race. Imagine going up the longest hill known to man kind - in the rain - not barefoot, however - and then you can't even see straight - let alone try to run straight. It was pretty bad. This was a major "I want my mommy" moment - and I even pulled out the phone to call her just to help me keep going and to prevent me from just bursting into tears. I'll type up the full race recap later tonight, once I get power back ......

Which leads me to the storm. I was in Portland all weekend, so I missed what happened in town. The freeway coming south was pretty nasty. I had cruise control set at 60mph for a while, which is way below the norm around here! But I survived, just taking it nice and slow. When I got home close to 11pm all of the power in my neighborhood was out. This morning - still out. Luckily my grandpa gave me this awesome flashlight in my Christmas present, so I was able to hang it in my shower and see this morning. Nothing like putting on make-up with a flashlight as your only source to see! Hopefully the power will be on by the time I go home for lunch!

How was your weekend?? Did you do anything awesome and exciting??


  1. What a weekend for you!!

    I'm glad you finished!

  2. Yikes...I hope you and the weather get better!

  3. you are a WARRIOR and that jacket looks PERFECT on yoU!

  4. Glad you persevered through the attack. You are amazing!

  5. I looked for crazy socks the WHOLE time I was running... It would have been fun to have met you.

  6. Mr. Awesome! who may become Bling?March 14, 2011

    She did amazing. I was/am very proud of her.

  7. Your a fighter and an inspiration to us all. Way to dig it out. Wow!

  8. good job on the 15k!!! Sounds rough, but you didn't give up!!!!!! Congratulations on a job well done!


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