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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Odds & Ends. And Lorena Bobbitt.

After the Shamrock 15K - my photo pose,
courtesy of Cilley Girl
I am dying! I can't stop laughing - internally this time. No tears like during the Target DIET Dr. Pepper explosion, however.  This time it is about Cilley Girl's post. Check it out - not only does she discuss exploding Achilles Tendons (what??? yeah!), but she talks about yours truly and my auto-pose for pictures. All she says is true, I can't even disagree with it! I can't even tell you how funny Cilley Girl is in real life. I mean if you could have seen this picture she shared with us ... she claims it was food she pulled out of the oven ... I'm not sure ... I mean, maybe we should double check with Lorena Bobbitt first? I wonder whatever happened to her - Lorena, that is.

Biker Boy has never been to Disneyland! I can't tell you how cool I think that is. I love being with people on their first visits to places. I haven't been to Disney's California Adventure yet either. The last time I was in Disneyland was December 2000 - right before they opened the second park. It was my college graduation present to myself before I moved to go work in Walt Disney World. I know - I need new vacation destinations. Anyway - the point of all of this is... last night I finally booked a hotel room right across the street from the parks. Now I can just walk to the race area and not depend on any transportation and risk being late. Plus it was cheap - which is always nice. I figured I didn't need to stay at the Grand Californian since I still need to get plane tickets to Vegas - and then register for WDW Half and book my plane/hotel. A trip on a budget ... I can do that!

Last night I decided to throw on one of my trust Adidas compression sleeves. My right leg was just killing me from the cramp. I started wondering, in the course of everything leg related, if I had maybe pulled something? I don't know. I just know that in 17 days I will be in the starting line to run my second half marathon and I don't have time for injuries. So today I am at work - with one normal leg and one leg modeling a lovely leg sleeve. I know they have spendy ones out there - but I picked these up from Adidas for a whopping $15 and LOVE them!  Hint, hint, Adidas .... still waiting for you to sponsor me... I am still deciding on my training for the rest of the week. Ideally I want to do 5 miles today, finishing out the week with 11 miles on Sunday. I am open to alter this if my leg needs to rest, but really I just want to run!

This weekend Biker Boy is coming down to visit and meet my little girls, Lady & Tinker Bell. I hope Lady doesn't immediately roll on her back and spread her legs. I mean really, um, embarrassing much?? Our plan is to make snickerdoodle cupcakes to take out to my mom's, where we'll be having dinner with the family. He better be scared. I hear there is a line of questions being prepared for him. I don't want to go as far as to say that he'll be interrogated like in Meet the Parents, but ..... Fine - I'm totally kidding! We aren't a scary family at all! We're also going to hit what I call the "Hippie Fair." That could be a blog all on its own - and I will certainly be bringing my camera with me to that!

That's it for today. I hope everyone enjoys this lovely Spring day. It is Spring, right? Because the wet ground, dark sky and trees blowing in the wind sure don't look like Spring right now!


  1. I also have the Adidas leg sleeves, and I love them! I don't know if other brands are better, but these are great :D

    Good luck to BB this weekend!

  2. Thanks Giraffy...I mean I am so nervous that I haven't be able to eat or sleep for the last couple of days...I think that I am starting to hallucinate from it all. The drive down I-5 could be dangerous...I really hope that the roads are clear...I wouldn't want to hurt anybody out on the road...Is there going to be a lie detector test too? Shock treatment???? Man...I may need to re-think this trip....

  3. You'll be fine! We'll just liquor you up and get you to talk about all sorts of things!

  4. Can I talk about how I milked a cay before?

  5. A cay?? That's impressive! First, tell us what a CAY is and then how you milked it! ;)

    Maybe I should un-invite you. I'm scared.

  6. It is truly a secret on how I milked a small, low-elevation, sandy island that was formed on the surface of a coral reef. Only certain people are allowed to I am sorry that I cannot share on this blog....I will tell you in private though.

    I'm honestly more worried that your parents will like me more than you do...for some odd reason parents seem to love me...I swear that I show them the true me....and yet they still love me.

  7. I need pictures of these sleeves.

    I have never been to California Adventure, either.

  8. So can I call him Biker Boy when I meet him at Disneyland? lol Good luck with the fam!

  9. Good luck to Biker Boy.
    And Snickerdoodle cupcakes?? Hello! Do you deliver?

  10. I can't take ANY credit for the cupcakes. These are all in the hands of BB - but don't they sound delicious?? I can't wait to test them out. Maybe he'll let me lick a spoon or something. Or play with frosting?

  11. Hey woman!!!
    I wanted to know if you REALLY want a piece of my hemp jewelry... :O If not it won't hurt my feelings. Promise.
    I have a SPIbelt giveaway going on right now that you might like too. :P
    L Finch

  12. Liz - I love hemp jewelry!! I used to wear some every day until I broke it!

  13. You and Cilley Girl are very funny. I wish Biker Boy the best with the 'Circle of Trust' thing!

  14. Thanks for the best wishes Mike....I am getting more and more nervous as the day goes on.

    Christina...if I had my wishes I would open up a bakery type of thing and we would deliver...

  15. Can't wait for the pics of the Hippie Fair!

    My fiance and I love going to new places together. We've gone to Vegas, San Fran and Portland and had amazing trips. :)

    You worked at Disney? Have you blogged at all about your experiences? I worked at Valleyfair (an amusement part in MN) for four summers. Never want to go back there ever again!

  16. OMG - you have a man that bakes!!!!

    Damn - mine can't even cook. Lucky you!


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