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Monday, April 11, 2011

Fruit Fly & Biker Boy Go Shopping!

This last weekend wasn't all about the Corvallis Half Marathon - although let's face it, we know that was constantly on my mind. Biker Boy was leaving for Mexico (Hola!) - he's there now - and wanted me to take him to the airport, 'cause you know, it is 3 hours from my house... but only 5 minutes from his. Naturally I was more than happy to head up Friday night so we could spend Saturday together before he flew away and I attempted to be the world's greatest half marathoner ever. If you haven't read the race recap yet, I'll just tell you now I am not quite the greatest ... but I am going to keep trying!

Our plan was to keep it a very quiet, mellow, minimal stress on the feet type of day. This should really just say, "My plan was to be a completely lazy ass!" The day ended up being pretty busy, but it was fun and not stressful at all. First up, bagels. Pre-race jitters kicked in and I could only have half of mine. But have no fear. I had a yummy breakfast treat! On our way to the Nike store, BB noticed only 3 or 4 people in line at Voodoo Doughnut. Well this is just unheard of. We keep driving by both locations and this is the first time the line wasn't insane. And so it was to be. I had my first Voodoo Doughnut and it was the best glazed I've ever had. I know glazed sounds so boring when you look at all they offer - but I'm simple, glazed is my favorite, and we realized we had no cash on us. (I discovered the ATM after looking at the photos. Plans are being made for a return visit!)

Best Glazed Doughnut EVER
Hit the Nike store, nothing to report there, other than BB bought his first legit pair of running shorts! (I was on a quest for new shoes, but I wanted the same exact style I already have.) I had success at Dick's Sporting Goods - and got the last pair of my shoes in my size. Yay! Stopped by BB's work to meet a customer quickly, then off to a T-ball game. I think I'd be amazing at T-ball, okay? I mean I don't have to swing at a moving ball? It just sits there? And you can never call me out. No matter what I do,  I score? Yes please, sign me up!

I knew my old ones were worn and dirty - but WOW!
And then the carbo loading began! It is my favorite part of running, yours too? We were back at the Vita Cafe with BB's adorable fam, and once again I got the yummy vegan mac & cheese. I kid you not, I ate all but maybe 10 bites? I was hungry, okay? And I was loading!

The adidas building we shopped in.
After lunch was the highlight of the day for me.... the adidas Headquarters. Um, hello? I LOVE adidas and have been waiting for them to spot my potential and sponsor me, dammit! What's the hold up on that anyway? I was commenting on the funky architecture of a building I could see in the distance, not realizing that it was adidas. We parked and I immediately pulled out the camera for pictures. I didn't want to leave you all wondering what it looked like after all! Upon entering we had to show the pass we were given that would let us shop in their store. I felt so important. *sponsorship people? hello??* I wanted it all. I wish I had bought more. We left with a completely awesome messenger bag for BB to use on the plane. I should have bought one. It was sweet! Also I bought a small black gym bag with hot pink trim. Now I can go to races in style (I used it at the half actually, when I had to go change clothes after the game. See? I NEEDED it!). And the ultimate score? Some new shoes! I've been wanting to try running in adidas, and now I can! The best part.... the whole bill cost less than my shoes should have been. ($77.50 total!) That 50% off ticket BB had in his hand was freaking AWESOME! Seriously, I should have bought more. One of everything I say! I guess I'll have it all when they sponsor me.....
My sponsorship plate is empty. I am available, adidas peeps!
With my two major purchases done, I still wanted to use my 10% off coupon at Fit Right NW. I now own The Stick, some Body Glide and another pair of arm warmers. Fun. Shopping for running things is fun. Disagree with me. I double dog dare you to. If you read my blog regularly, then I know you like to shop for it all, too!

At this point I was increasingly concerned about my lack of a nose ring. I took it out in the morning to blow my nose (damn cold) and forgot to put it in. So we hit up a piercing shop downtown and I got a new ring in a style I like a lot more. I insisted BB come in with me .... to act as photographer just so I could freak my mom out a little bit on facebook. It worked!
No pain - just putting in a new ring.
Love it! That's so creepy, it's awesome!
After that we went home, fixed some spinach and cheese tortellini with yummy bread. It was tasty - but I left room for dessert. While BB packed for Mexico I took a nice long, hot shower, then crawled in bed so we could pig out on cheesecake while watching Without Limits (I HAVE to have my pre-race time with Pre after all!). I overdid it on dessert. :( My tummy wasn't happy. But it was so good. I couldn't help it. Eventually I slept. For for just more than a few short hours. Race day always comes so early!

And that was my day. Lots of fun - and now I am beyond antsy to go brake in all of my new shoes!


  1. Love it! I am jealous that you got to shop at the adidas headquarters, and that you got such a steal of a deal. I have to agree you totally needed to buy that bag, it's already paid for itself if you used it the next day.

  2. So did BB allow you to have your bath with Pre, or did you have to settle for just a movie???

  3. Well this time it was hot shower with Pre instead of a bath. So almost. For Eugene he better accept that I'll be locked in the bathroom for a while having a nice, long bath with Pre! I'll be finishing on Pre's track. I need to make him proud!

  4. I posted about it today, but I love! my Adidas running shoes. They are fabulous.

    I also loooove donuts, glazed all the way!

  5. Hi Rhonda! I have been watching Without Limits lately in prep for Eugene, too! Awesome :)

  6. oooo, that pic is CRAZY!!!! ive thought about getting my nose pierced. is the initial piercing horrifically painful????

  7. ok first i have to say that last picture is very creepy! lol... secondly sounds like an awesome day!! Glad you had fun! :)

  8. I got my nose pierced in 2006 ... and it did NOT hurt at all. It was actually kind of fun. And crazy that they can shove this big hollow needle in you and it doesn't hurt! So when they put that in on Saturday there was no pain at all - and I was happy to finally have a picture since I didn't get any like that when I was actually pierced.

  9. Yes it was an awesome day.

  10. This sounds like my dream day! Donut and pasta carbo-loading and tons of shopping for running stuff? Yes please! Except no piercing of anything since I'm terrified of needles. I got my ears pierced one ear at a time. I'm cool like that.
    Love your blog!

  11. That cheesecake sounds absolutely divine!

    That piercing pic scares me. Ouch!

  12. Yum!! Voodoo donuts!! And no line?! Even better. I've never been there but my friend stopped there on her way back to Seattle so I got to try one. Delicious! Sounds like a fun day!

  13. The cheesecake was just okay. I am very hard on dessert type foods as I like to bake my own. I could have done better on my own...oh well. And I should be able to get us more passes to adidas...I have a couple of connections we can always get you more.

  14. Color me jealous about the VooDoo Donuts and Adidas shopping!!!!!


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