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Monday, April 25, 2011

What's That? I Can't Hear You + Chocolate

Well here's a new one to add to the taper madness nonsense ... going deaf! Has that one happened to you yet? 

Okay, fine. It is Meniere's Disease just TRYING to kick my ass. I woke up this morning unable to hear well with my left ear. Lovely. By the time I was at work I couldn't turn my head without being nauseated and dizzy. So just under 3 hours later I had my mommy (we work together, okay? I didn't just call her to come tend to me ... but I probably would!) take me home.

Pretty much I spent the whole day in bed and watched It's Kind of a Funny Story and Mob Wives. It is now 7pm and I am up trying to do some laundry and have dinner. 

This all convinces me that Eugene will be awesome. Something ALWAYS gets wacky on race week.  I've jammed my toes into a deck with less than 12 hours until race time - resulting in bloody, purple swollen toes --- resulting in a 10K PR! So the fact that I am a mess that can't sit up for long just boosts my confidence that I'll pull my head out of my ass and be awesome!

A lot of you asked about the no chocolate/no candy thing from my last post. I'll elaborate!  Basically in 9th grade I thought I should have some sort of New Years Resolution like everybody else always does. Instead of giving up smoking (since I don't smoke), trying to lose weight (since I guess I was kind of a bean pole) or trying to save money (I was a kid, I didn't have any!) I decided to go a year without ANY candy or chocolate. This includes cakes, pies, cupcakes, brownies, Snickers, Jolly Ranchers, candy canes.... everything.  That first year was easy, so I kept going. Soon enough I hit 5 years, and had no desire to give up. Then it was 10. I think now I've (WOW! I just did the math!) gone 18 years without. Crazy!! I figure 20 years is a good target number for me. **I always joke that I'll know when I'm pregnant because I'll be wanting chocolate and a square Wendy's hamburger (I'm also a vegetarian). So that's my chocolate story! 

Now I'll leave you with a peek at the huge stash of donuts from Voodoo Doughnut Biker Boy got us on Sunday morning. We started with 19 (I pulled the glazed ones from this shot... yeah, given my chocolate/candy rules, I prefer the glazed donuts over all the others)!


  1. You will be fine in a couple of days. Just look for a tall doofy guy from Sherwood (I'll try to get his bib number) and you just make sure you beat him so that I can mercilessly give him grief for not training and losing to a girl.

    I won't mention that I get "chicked" all the time, and don't give a ..... ;-)

  2. I LOVE Voodoo Doughnut! Mark and I went there when we were in Portland in October. Best doughnuts ever!!!!

  3. Those doughnuts look amazing! I'm not normally a sweets fan but those might change my mind haha. Good for you being chocolate/candy free for so long! (and a vegetarian too!) Does that limit your diet for training/races?

  4. we had voodoo doughnuts yesterday too! YUM!! So sorry about your Meniere's. With today and your crappy long run you'll be good to go this weekend! You've got this!

  5. Feel better miss! Dude, I so badly wish, that you could send me one of (or like5 of those damn donuts!) they are mean and wont send them to CALI :( !!!!!!!!

  6. You will rock Eugene!! :) Seriously!
    That's cool about your no candy/chocolate thing... thanks for elaborating!
    Those donuts look AMAZING!! Now I'm hungry lol ;)

  7. Vooodooooooo....yum!!

    Ok, get the dang fit out of the way now. You are going to have a GREAT race!! Eugene is an awesome place to run and you will have PRE with you!

  8. I want a doughnut!! Wow those look good. Can't imagine going that long without - that is like a superpower! I am jealous.

  9. Those look amazing!!!! :)

  10. I want the one that is partially eaten... looks yummy!

  11. YUM!!! Voodoo donuts!! And I'm seriously impressed with the no candy/chocolate! Ugh - hope you feel better soon.

  12. you must send me the Capn Crunch donut when you finish spanking the Eugene Half!!!

    Good luck!

  13. I am not a doughnut fan, but have heard tale of Voodoo and think I would have to try them if ever in the Voodoo hood...


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