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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Friday, May 13, 2011

Did It Finally Freeze Over?

Brace yourselves. I mean you are probably sitting down, but still, it IS possible to just topple out of your chair or roll off of your bed. Wait, if you aren't in a chair or bed -- where ARE you right now that you are reading this? The toilet? A subway? Cool - I've never been on a subway before. I should bucket list that one!

Okay. I did something so crazy that I am pretty sure hell has frozen over. 

Last night....  I..... wait for it ..... exercised my arms!

WHAT??? I know, crazy right? I mean have you EVER heard me talk about it? No! 

Since I wasn't running - due to the fact that I just did the night before and got my sub-30 5K, which you can't read about right now since Blogger is still not 100% perfect, I decided to take advantage of the nice day! I was home a tad early, so immediately I sent Lady outside to enjoy the sun in her gigantic front yard. Then I put on a running skirt and top - because that's what everybody does when not running, right? - and then went to the shed. After figuring out how to kill the Black Widow that was taunting me I pulled out my lawn mower. My yard is enormous. 45 minutes later, my arms were sore from all the pushing. But did I stop there? No!

Next up, I know it is corny since a lot of you go to actual gyms, I worked my arms in my house. (I'm petrified of gyms.) I put in my EA Sports workout on the Wii and chose the hardest level of workout solely for the arms. My knee is not perfect, so I skipped all lower body. I could NOT handle the "in-line skating" right now.  30 minutes later I could actually feel it in my arms and shoulders. Awesome! I hope to continue this, and also work in some Yoga Booty Ballet - focusing on arms and abs.

And that was my night! It felt great!

This weekend I'll probably be MIA - or drunk status updating on facebook. You can find me at the Country Club walking the golf course all weekend - and squeezing in a 7 mile run as I get one step closer to the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon!


  1. I'd high five you, but you're probably too sore for that. ;)

  2. On Thursday morning, I woke up and let Jillian Michaels into my life. My arms and abs are sore now. But a good sore. So good I have a smirk on my face!

    Friday morning - I woke up because I dreamed of alligators and snakes. I wasn't scared or anything. I am so tough!

  3. Woooo hooo! Watch out for the guns! BIG GUNS!
    Nice 5k too!!! :)

  4. I need to do more upper body - but pushups are no fun!


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