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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Monday, May 30, 2011

Run #4.7 - If You Can't Run, PLAY!

After the last run of 2 successfully pain free miles, I was really excited to have a good "long run". For me, hitting 3 would be considered a long run at this point. I was a bit nervous, but I threw on my planned outfit for the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Half, to make sure it all felt comfy, and went out the door. 

Biker Boy stayed with me for the first mile, then I gave him permission to just go at his own pace since I was going to start walking/running versus just running. Oh how naive am I? I wanted a good run, so I should have known better. First off, I have been having a bad Meniere's weekend. I mean terrible bouts of it that rival that of my Shamrock 15K episode. Saturday I was almost unable to even walk through the store and couldn't even say a complete sentence. SO, why I thought I could run is beyond me. I kept drifting right and floating off the path. Eventually I just had to stop and grab a tree and try to see straight. I pushed on, and at 2 miles I knew this run was a failure. My leg was hurting again, my KT tape was totally falling off, I wasn't able to see straight - let alone walk straight - and I ended up in a little crying session. We turned around and I continued to walk until I felt good, run until I didn't, walk, run, yada yada yada.

Then we got to the train. Like a little kid, I was distracted!

Every single person my age that grew up in this town grew up playing on the train. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent on it - yet I haven't touched it in probably 15 years. Naturally since I wasn't feeling on top of my game, I had no qualms about dragging myself up on the train!

Then as we started on our way for the last mile and a bit, I saw the play structure. We both looked at each other and took off. Using it as an excuse to practice for Warrior Dash, we aimed for this crazy, triangular rope structure.

Biker Boy was up at the top in no time at all. Let's pause and check out his new running clothes, shall we? I know he's pretty proud of them and the fact that they match. He's from North Carolina and Ohio, but he certainly looks like quite the Oregonian in his adidas and Nike clothes!

Next up, it was my turn to try climbing. I wasn't so fast, considering the fact that my left leg wasn't feeling amazing. (FYI, it still feels better than it was, but oh my gosh, why can't I just REST??)

Check out this tricky cross-leg move I'm working on.

After testing out pretty much every piece of the play structure - minus the swings - we were on our way back. I feel like I gave it a good effort before saying we just had to have a fast walk. I knew I was done - but even if I was walking I wasn't going to do it slow and slack.

Near the end we went by my grandpa's house (we're neighbors, isn't that cute?). I had to finally get my picture with MY tree.

This is "R*nda's Tree when She was Three"!  He planted this for me and it wasn't even the height of those shrubs right next to it. Now I can stand under my tree without even needing to duck. I love my tree!

And that was that. 4 miles in about 52 minutes. Eh, oh well. I'm not trying to set records, I'm just trying to keep moving until Seattle. I swear a miracle WILL occur. May always sucks for me, so expect great things on Wednesday!?!


  1. You always have something positive even when you are feeling poopy! Love this. Sorry running is tough right now. You'll get there. Just keep taking care of Ronda (I spelled it right! ha!). Your playground play looks fun! Glad you have biker boy around!

  2. You're so positive even when you're feeling like crap. I hope your left leg feels better soon. Have you considered alternative treatments (such as acupuncture, ultrasound therapy, or active release treatment) to get rid of the pain?

  3. Playing like a kid always makes me feel better. I hope it helped you, too!

  4. That park looks sweet! Hey, no worries about the least you went for a run!

  5. I'm so glad he finally got some running clothes :D

    Take care of you!!!!!

  6. Thank you for reminding me I need to find an outfit so I can test-run it.

    Super jelly about the train pics!

  7. May has been a bust for me as well. June has to be better. Wish you were able to come up and play on Saturday, but you get your legs ready for you fun little run in Seattle.

  8. This is so cute! I'm glad you did your run and that you got to play. DUH.

  9. sorry you aren't feeling great. That run/playground time looks like SO much fun though!

  10. Crossing my fingers for June! :) Sorry the run didn't go as planned but you still got 4 miles in and I'm totally jealous of that jungle gym!

  11. Considering ALL the races you have completed these few months, don't beat yourself up over this. Sure, setting the world's record would be fabulous, but never ever take the simple things for granted. Just keep moving! :)

    You are definitely up for the Best in Running Costume award though.... :)
    Super Cute!

  12. Ugh, sorry you aren't feeling well. But playing on the toys sounds like a lot of fun!! Love the picture of you with your tree!

  13. Love the pictures. Looks like fun -at least as much fun as you can have without running.

  14. Awww, you guys had matching yellow shirts!

  15. I really want compression socks, huh?

  16. Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well again, but kudos to you for sticking it out and doing what you could under the circumstances! :) Cute pics!!! Love your tree!!!

  17. how fun! so sorry your leg and menieres was acting up!! hang in there. Looks like it turned to be a good day! Love the tree story!


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