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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thoughts With One Month To Go

Here we are, May 25th. One month from now I will be done racing, hopefully showered in fresh clothes, enjoying the Everclear concert with my chunky medal around my neck.

One month until the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. YAY!!! I AM excited. Excited and concerned. This is my leg as of this morning:

I decided that at this point ANYTHING is worth trying, so last night I went to Big 5 and bought some KT tape. We'll see if it helps at all. Can't hurt, right?

For now, mentally, I am okay! I'm kind of shocked. I imagine I'll start to freak out soon if I don't have a good run. Considering I'm pretty much going to do this race on zero training, I am feeling rather calm. I have accepted that this is not going to be a time goal race. I will just finish and be happy that I do! I ran SIX whole miles last week. Wait, I walked a bit on the last 1.5 miles. But still, 6? I mean that's almost half of what a long run should be really.

Actually, the fact that I am NOT freaking out about being under-prepared is kind of freaking me out!  Oh well, que sera sera. 

On a positive side, I do have my outfit ready to go. Not sure if I'll be in a hat or not - I'll decide that on the morning of the race - but otherwise I'm all set. Comfy, loose fitting shirt, trusty SkirtSports skirt, compression socks and my adorable adidas. I'm ready!*

*Now someone just tell my leg/knee/IT band that it is ready, please? Thanks!

Have you raced without much preparation or right after an injury?

Have you/do you use KT tape? Thoughts?


  1. do you have a foam roller?!?! that helped TREMENDOUSLY with my IT Band/ Knee pain- if not, I would look into it. If you have it, I would do it every day!

  2. I have used a lot of the KT tape!For my hammy. Thinking of you Rhonda! Just play it safe and if you are not feeling better then I'd say take it really want to have a long life of running ahead of you so make sure you're taking care of yourself...looks like you are! The Portland marathon and Hippie Chick are two races I paid for and then had to eat because I just wasn't ready to race them yet and didn't want to take chances. Sounds like you know yourself though. Excited to see the Fruitfly stylish outfit!

  3. What does that mean you aren't trained? Now you're scaring me and thinking I'm not trained.

    And what's with the tape? I see it everywhere and everyone uses it, but I don't know how it helps.

    Do you have a tank you recommend? I've been training for 20 degrees not 90.

  4. @Lisa - I have The Stick. I should roll. I'll roll. Maybe I'll get a foam roller tonight, too!

    @Amanda - I'm glad to hear you had tape success! I promise I'll be careful. I have another half a month after this one, so I have to behave so I can do that one in an upright manner!

    @Abby - Well, with the last 3 half marathons I was always running. My 2 mid-week, sometimes 3, runs and then a long run. So far my longest has only been 3 miles. Ugh. I see the tape everywhere, too! Supposedly it helps - so I watched the instructional video about 7 times and taped myself up. I'm just running in short sleeves - and it is an Under Armor shirt. I suck at shirt recommendations. I just find whatever is cute. NO idea what to expect weather-wise from Seattle, but I figure with it being June we shouldn't freeze - and the way this year is I doubt we will melt!

  5. that's a pink leg you've got there sista.

    It'll work I love that tapey stuff.

    Can't wait for Seattle!!

  6. Really?!?! You actually managed to find KT tape at a Big 5? The ones in the Portland area don't have it, and when you ask the "help" about it, their eyes glaze over and they call each other. If there are enough of them there they all shut completely down and you can walk out with anything you want. I have gotten 4 higher end elliptical trainers this way.

  7. @Natty - Yeah - I was TOTALLY shocked they had it, especially in this town. I pretty much refuse to shop at Big 5, but the KT tape site said they sold it. I risked it, went in, grabbed it and then got out quick. Not a fan of that store.

    When people here ask me where to go for anything running related I usually say "Not Big 5".

  8. Honestly you've done so many halfs and other races lately I don't think you are that unprepared. Just take it easy and I'm sure you'll be good to go in no time.

  9. Who needs training when you have a cute outfit all set?! I mean, really?! :) Excited for you. I'm sure it will be great.

  10. I've never used KT tape before but am willing to try it. I hope a blogger hosts a KT tape giveaway soon! :)

    I highly recommend investing in a foam roller. You can use it to massage out your other leg muscles, too, and not just the IT band.

    I ran a 5K once after recovering from injury and with only two runs under my belt before the race. It was my PR for a couple months before I broke it at another race.

    You'll be fine. Just enjoy the race atmosphere and walk a lot.

  11. You don't think we'll melt? That's good to hear. I need to check the weather for that area for June. I'm about to die here.

  12. Love the pink.
    Maybe I should roll too....

    Don't freak out.
    You will be ok!
    I'll send the memo to your knee/IT band/bad leg!


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