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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who's That Shirtless Guy? And Another Nonsense

Do you know who this is?
(We'll find out at the end of this post.)

What the heck do I blog about without running? I guess we'll find out!

Ah - here's something..... after 3 attempts on the "X" part, I have my KT Tape on pretty darn secure and tonight I will attempt to run a couple of miles and see how it goes! This is my longest stretch without running in a long time. I mean it has been 3 full days without putting on my running shoes. Yikes!

My aunt/godmother had a massive heart attack last night just before 8 o'clock and was flown by helicopter up to the next large city. She had surgery and is doing well. Fortunately the doctors at that hospital think it wasn't as bad as the doctor's here do. I suppose that's some bit of relief? They actually think she has had TWO this week. Yikes! I guess hearing that news, and having to call my mom and tell her, kind of put my running stress into perspective. It is just a sport. A hobby. Okay, an addiction. But having a little leg injury is really no big deal when you compare it to possibly having two heart attacks in just a couple of days! My mom and grandpa are heading up to see her now; my other aunt is heading south; my uncle was there all night with her. We're a tough family, she'll be okay!

I'm REALLY looking forward to going to Seattle. I've actually started writing a list of things I want to do.
  • Hard Rock Cafe - I love their fries, and we know I can't turn down a good fry!
  • Getting a picture at Pier 70 - aka the Real World Seattle house. Remember when the Real World used to be good?
  • The Space Needle! I don't think I've ever been to the top. If I did go I was too young to remember.
  • Pike Place Market. Been there, done that, want to go again!
  • Naturally I am really excited about the expo! I should probably have Biker Boy hold my purse and keep all credit cards away from me. At least the odds on me hugging someone and bursting out into tears this time is pretty darn slim!
  • Everclear - I saw them in concert before, not even seeing them as a fan. They were the opening act for Matchbox 20, but once I got back home I went out and bought one of their albums. They put on a great show, so I think this will be a fun concert!
I hope nobody tries to mug me. Or make me drink Starbucks. Or listen to Nirvana endlessly. Seriously, I DO miss the 90s. A lot.

I think Kim Kardashian's engagement ring is ridiculously huge. It reminds me of the lame guys around here that jack up their trucks onto gigantic wheels. Overcompensating much?

And now the photo from above. Did you figure out who it is?
Christopher Walken
Yeah, for real.
Check out this page:  It is so cool. It is just a bunch of rarely seen old photos of celebrities. And not fake celebrities we have now, but old school people. Like Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin, Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep, Sean Connery - HELLO Ladies - seriously, check out Sean freaking Connery! Who knew he was all built and shiny?, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe (whom I'm now totally in love with as a "real" person not in make up), John Travolta, Jack Nicholson, even Johnny Depp!

And that's all I've got for today. For now.
I hope your Thursday treats you just fine!


  1. So sorry to hear about your godmother. Glad she got to the hospital and is in good hands.

    Yes, I remember when the Real World was good!

    Checked out your site suggestion--love me some Goldie Hawn!

    Kim K is engaged? Climbing out from under my rock and going to investigate.

  2. That Star Wars crew picture looked so odd. Was Carrie Fisher really that tiny??

  3. I have ALWAYS loved Marilyn. If I could go back in time and meet just one person she would be it. And given my psychosis for trying to be a knight in shining armor, I would try to convince her to stay away from newspapers and get different friends (hers kinda sucked).

    Hope that everything comes out as well for your aunt as it did my brother-in-law. Give your whole fam a hug from the Internet.

  4. Ummm to spend 2 million dollars on anything is just bonkers.

    I hope your aunt recovers quickly!

  5. OMG!!! I cant believe I knew who that was!!! He was kind of a hottie in a weird way. So sorry to hear about your aunt, hope she has a speedy recovery! Have fun in Seattle, pack your flannel shirt!

  6. Not to be creepy, but I totally think you're my blog twin.

    I just got really bad news about my grandma this week, too. I hope everything is ok and your family is in my thoughts.

    I totally love that you're doing Seattle research b/c I'm being lazy and I think I might steal some of your plans for my own. But of course, I must rock the underground.

    I'm such a nerd for the 90s and I've never seen Everclear live. I think that's huge motivation to get to the finish for me. I also love that a lot of the awesome 90s bands are still rocking.

    And I'm in total agreement about Starbucks and Nirvana. Over. Rated.

  7. @Abby - I started looking at the tour just now, and Biker Boy sent me THIS link .... the grown up underground tour!

  8. Yikes! Hope your godmother heals quickly :(.

    I totally knew that was Chris W. We're close, I can call him that.

    I MISS old school Real World. I'm giggling at that goodbye scene, with that chick getting slapped in the face. That was good tv.

  9. Also, you should take Biker Boy to the flagship store and get him a little freedom.

  10. Biker BoyMay 26, 2011

    Natty - been to Utilikilts on my last trip...was both amazed and frightened at the same time.

  11. BB--Did you try one on? I had to sell my last one due to running causing me to lose enough weight that it no longer fit well. I am hoping they return the Spartan to the line-up, it was for running in. I have suggested they use a bamboo/hemp fabric for this version instead of nylon.

  12. I love Seattle almost as much as I love Everclear.

  13. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    I loved that season of the Real World! Honestly, I still watch on occasion today because its just entertaining if it is pretty stupid.

    I hope you Aunt turns out ok and I'll say a prayer for her tonight! :)

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your godmother! I hope she'll be heading home from the hospital soon.

    It's been six years since I've been to Seattle. I definitely need to go back. I love Pike Place Market, too.

    If you like jazz music and have the time, check out any of the following groups that my musician friend Josh Rawlings is in: Soulkata and The Teaching. He's an awesome jazz pianist.

    I can't believe that's Christopher Walken. Oh my gosh!

  15. Biker BoyMay 26, 2011

    Natty - I have a changing kilt and I have worn that around after rides often and love it. I did not try on the Utilikit though....maybe in a few weeks I will.

  16. L laughed loudly when I read "It reminds me of the lame guys around here that jack up their trucks onto gigantic wheels."

    Love it!

  17. I hope your aunt has a speedy recovery.

    Sending healthy knee vibes your way. I hope your test run goes well, it sucks to be sidelined.

  18. Just don't let Nat talk BB into a tutu. ;)

  19. Glad to hear your godmother is doing better and in good hands over there!

  20. I hope your Aunt is feeling much better now.

    Also - try Rock Tape - it stays up better on my ankle than KT Tape. It doesn't stretch as much, but it is very stable and keep me injury free(ish)


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