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Monday, June 20, 2011

FORE! (I Didn't Have a Co-Pay!)

The 2011 Abby's Invitational Golf Tournament lived up to expectation and was a total blast! If you missed Friday's post about the free dinner/drinks/room full of desserts, well this weekend was all about the golfing. For me that means the free pizza, Pepsi and margaritas! I mean unlimited pizza and drinks!!  Saturday morning was our early tee time, so they were offering breakfast pizza. I didn't have much luck with that and ended up eventually getting one slice that I removed all toppings from and just ate the crust. I was starving! After that, the real fun started. Shall we?

On the 11th hole my step-dad won KP (closest to the pin).
Sunday my cousin actually got a hole in one on this hole!
For winning KP my step-dad won a free giant pizza.
This might be exciting if we weren't getting free pizza all weekend long. 
After never finding vegetarian friendly pizza (there are two spots on the course that are cooking/serving all day long) Biker Boy asked if they were ever going to be making any cheese pizza. The guy working was freaking awesome and said he'd do one right then and have it ready in 5 minutes! I said that was really cool of him, especially since we had three vegetarians in our group alone. When I said that he changed his plans....

Yeah, we got our own giant cheese pizza for free!
I didn't even have to pick up a golf club to get that one! 
I did share two pieces of it, but then decided it
would be a golf course picnic for ONE!
I mean I DO have a half marathon on Saturday,
who says you can't carbo load with pizza?
Fast forward to Sunday, day 2, and our afternoon tee time. The weather was much warmer; really it was perfect!

This is how "normal" people get their pizza. I'm a VIP, obviously!
The course was backed up, so we had a little bit of time to hang out in the pizza tent and indulge in margaritas! It was when I was grabbing my first drink of the day when I saw my doctor pull up in his golf cart. I knew what I had to do! I ran over to see him, gave him a hug and said I had a MEDICAL EMERGENCY! Naturally he wondered what the heck could be wrong with me considering I was smiling, happy, (in a running skirt) and running to him. We talked about my IT band. I asked if he could just touch my leg and cure me. So he felt around and pushed on some spots. We have decided that I should ice it, roll it (I decided I'll run on it in the morning) and if it still hurts, he told me to just pop in the office and he'll shoot me up. So, that's the status with my running as it is now. I know you were all just dying to know. Okay fine, so I'll pretend you were dying to know, mmkay? Great.
Mommy and I had a lovely time enjoying the sunshine in our ginormous sunglasses.
See? There was golf actually going on around us!
I took up barefoot running. It is easier to do that on the grass than the hot pavement!
Biker Boy made a dash to get us more drinks. I'm not sure how many we had in total.
Eventually I switched to Pepsi, but had to giggle at the margarita stand when I saw the dude that my friend named her wart after. Yeah, that's what I said. She named her wart after him.
By the end I was exhausted! Do you know how hard it is to go to a dinner mixer Thursday, drag show Friday, golf course Saturday and then MORE golf (while eating your weight in pizza) on Sunday?? I need a vacation to recover!

I succeeded at carbo loading. I hydrated with tequila. I'm paying for it now... as I type this my body is retaining water and those freaking post-Disney Princess Half cankles are back! Time to seriously hydrated, having a last training run or two - of course I haven't even really had A training run yet, then pack for the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon!  I'm pretty much still exhausted. That is the glory of the Abby's. A couple of years ago I actually passed out, Sunday night, on the floor in my mom's bathroom. I woke up at 2:30am with my head on a pillow and a blanket over my body. I managed to get to work by 8am, and was home for the day with a killer hangover by noon. Yep - freaking AWESOME weekend!!

*Ooh, I scored a pretty sweet adidas jacket, too. Kind of put it on in the pro shop, told the kid working my member number and last name and that was that! I considered it my Father's Day present to myself? Not sure how that works, but it did. Thanks Jim! ;)


  1. You have MORE fun!! Sounds like a blast of a weekend!

  2. You have the best adventures. Pizza and margaritas make a golf outing better ANYTIME! :)

  3. whew...sounds fun, i havent played golf in AGES...damn tri training gets in the way! im recovering too from a party hard weekend. my poor fingers feel like cocktail weenies and i have hobbit feet!

  4. I love MARGARITAS!! In fact, I wear a running headband that says "Will Run for Margaritas" I'm such a lush.

  5. LMAO! That sounds like a great time - and good news that you got to talk to your doctor for a few seconds.

  6. AnonymousJune 21, 2011

    Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! Although just the thought of tequila makes me a little sick to the stomach.

  7. ADVENTURE! Love those shades!

  8. For the record, I *did* carb-load with cheese pizza prior to RnR San Diego!!!


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