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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Remember Those Naked Cyclists?

Perhaps it is because I can't help but like Holly Madison, but I actually got a satisfied smile on my face today when I saw the wedding between Hugh Hefner and his latest gold-digging tart has been called off.

I can't keep up with blog comments. I'm reading blogs, marking them with stars to go back and comment, then I get busy and run out of time. You are all busy! 

I've started my packing list for Seattle. We purchased our Mariners tickets this weekend, so now I have to figure out what to wear for that. OOOhhh.... and I wouldn't be a good fruit fly if I didn't point out that it happens to be Pride weekend when I'm in Seattle! Yippee... I've already decided to wear my Nike Pride 2011 shirt that I picked up in Portland last weekend. I better add my rainbow jewelry to the packing list!

I'm still on a high from last night's "algebra run". It was actually really fun, and I'm happy that I could go that fast, not collapse, and not have any leg pain. This will become a once a week occurrence now!

Remember the nude bicyclists I talked about from last weekend? Here's the story of that.... We had lunch at the Deschutes Brewery in downtown Portland. I was reading one of the free newspaper magazine type things that Biker Boy had grabbed, and was learning about Pedapalooza. (I cannot believe he wasn't dragging me to biker things!!) Sit down, have lunch. I had grilled cheese - but it had all kinds of craziness going on. The bread was soooo good. There was cream cheese, goat cheese and a couple other that I can't even remember. Yummy lunch. Awesome server. We were there for a good hour at least just talking and sampling beer - even though I don't like beer! Finally we decide to leave and wander aimlessly through downtown until we hit one of the running stores. We didn't even get to the corner and there were some [clothed] cyclists looking up the street with shocked expressions on their faces. I looked to my right, and what I had read about in that magazine was happening ... the naked bike ride!  This turn out was small - Biker Boy says the BIG one is this upcoming weekend. Dozens of completely naked people were riding around together, smiling, waving, one dude was standing. *gulp* Fortunately we had the side view, so I was spared any shocking visuals. There were women mixed in, but not as many. I did see one woman wearing some undies of some fashion. Once they were out of sight they appeared behind us heading back to the heart of town. I had no time for photos, but Biker Boy was sent one from a friend that also spotted them. I now share it with you!


  1. oh man, i can not imagine sitting my naked who ha on my bike saddle......oh the saddle sores!!!!

  2. Yeah, riding nekkid on a bike, just doesn't sound like that much fun.

  3. so freaking hilarious.


  4. Is it going to be Pride in Seattle? That's awesome because I'm missing the NYC Pride weekend for this trip. I wonder what kind of fun things are going to be going on.

    Thanks for reminding me I STILL need to plan this trip. haha!

  5. Yep! Pride in Seattle! The parade is on Sunday, so I'll miss that, but there is stuff going on in the Capitol Hill area on Saturday. (Don't even ask me about where that is, because I don't know.... yet.)

    My #1 gay tells me it is Pride in Chicago that weekend, too!

  6. I don't think I'd ever want to leave my house nekkid.

    The Deschutes Brewery is awesome. Mark and I ate there when we were in Portland last year. :)

  7. The naked bike riders are hilarious! What a sight!

  8. Biker BoyJune 14, 2011

    This was the small one...between 30-40 riders. This coming weekend there will be hundreds out and about. Crazy stuff up here in the big city.

    And yes I agree that it would be painful...there is a reason I wear shorts with pads in them when I ride!

  9. Bitchcakes recently posted about naked cycling in NYC. Too funny! As a mom, I wonder what parents tell their kids as the cyclists go by!

  10. almost time to Rock N roll!! excited for you!! fond memories for me from last year!! Have a blast.

  11. Just another reason NOT to ride another person's bike.

  12. I have a relative who is a photographer that took a bunch of great photos at a nude ride last year where people had really gotten crazy with body painting. They were really good!

  13. I don't understand how that can be comfortable.

  14. OW OW OW OW

    hell no for me!


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