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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Run #4.8 - +1 for June (& Babies!)

I knew June was going to be better than May! It couldn't possibly be worse after all.

I'm an old woman -
I have a TV tray by my recliner.
On National Running Day and the 1 month anniversary of the race I keep remembering fondly, I was happy to put on some new clothes and go out for a run. 1 mile, 2 miles, 5K ... I didn't care. I was just going to go and at least move at a pace faster than walking! First let's discuss the outfit - this was my test run for the Lacamas Lake Half Marathon. Success - I liked the outfit AND I was whistled at/cat-called/etc THREE times on this little run. Normally I'd be annoyed, but this time I took it as a compliment!

I taped up my leg, put on some fun music and decided to skip my usual .7 mile weave through my neighborhood and instead just start running to the park. How do you like that - pain free! So with one mile down I continued to the dreaded 1.5 mark where the pain usually hits. Nothing. Hot dog! Shortly after that mark I did have to pause. Not for anything running related or laziness, but my path was blocked. 50+ Canadian Geese (parents, babies and "teenagers") were feeding and blocking the path. They were so freaking cute! I happily paused and kept moving around watching them eat. Those little fur ball babies are too cute! It was great timing because right before 5pm I IM'd Biker Boy and told him I'd like to be a Canadian Goose or Mallard Duck and have furry little babies. Now here are MY babies right in front of me! After about a minute of watching I was antsy to run, so I slowly jogged through the heard. The teenagers and their parents didn't even care about me. When I got to the final bit o' bird I had a parent on my right, a parent on my left and two teeny babies just flittering around. I tried to give everyone their space (while saying hello to each bird) and mostly keep distance from the babies. Well by golly - the parent on the left HISSED at me! I was being nice, I swear! I'm like Snow White for Pete's sake!

I continued on, hit two miles still feeling the best I have since Hippie Chick and decided to go for 3. at 2.66 my knee tightened up. I paused ever so briefly to stretch it out and then continued for that last bit. 3 miles in just under 31 minutes, with about a mile long cool down walk to get me home. I was REALLY happy with how my leg felt during the walk. Hardly any pain at all and by the time I got home I was feeling back to normal. Finally, some improvement! *I did get a foam roller, so now I have that and the Stick, and I'm trying to be a good girl and use them!*

Hallelujah for June! I see brighter things for me this month, and I am really looking forward to just getting back to healthy and running A LOT!

And now here's your random celebrity photo for today:
I wonder what song it is!?!


  1. Sooo glad you are feeling better and got a good run in girlie! June sounds like a promising month for sure!! ;) I saw "babies" and was like "what??!" you had me there. :)

  2. Jeff Goldblum playing piano is pretty random. I was going to run the Lacamas Lake Pikermi last year, and was talked out of it by a local. I don't know, I might run it next year. I have some other things I am gonna be working on in the next couple of months.

  3. @Amanda - no babies for me, trust me, when that happens you will know ASAP!!

    @Natty - I feel like I need to start working in Pikermi to my blogs.... just for you! :)

  4. I have that skirt!! And I'm thinking about wearing it for Seattle!

  5. Yay! for a 3 mile run!!!!

  6. i love your tank!

    I think they're singing "Back Off Boogaloo".

  7. Awesome job on the run! Alright, can we talk about your celeb pic?! Why weren't we invited to that little shindig?

  8. Glad your run was pain-free!

    There are lots of geese around my neighborhood right now and they're leaving poop everywhere! Yuck!

  9. Yay for June!! Glad your run was (basically) pain free!!

  10. I love that outfit!!!!

    Congrats on a good run!


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