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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Failure Is Not An Option

*Editor's Note: The author of this blog has disappeared. She has been replaced by a girl that is bouncing up and down (on the inside) with giddy excitement. The fact that she is going to see the Matterhorn and Sleeping Beauty's Castle in 48 hours has just hit her and, well .... she has a one track mind now .... Vacation and the Disneyland Half Marathon!

Goals. It is a common thing for runners to set goals for races. Typically I see people have an A, B and C. Usually one of those would be to PR or come in under a certain time. Well this race we are discussing today is the Disneyland Half Marathon, and when it comes to racing - I am anything but usual!

The Eugene Half Marathon happened in May. I had a goal, and I got my PR! And I also injured my IT Band. Still I registered for the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon and set a goal - enjoy it, no pressure, finish in time for Everclear. Done and done and done! Then came the Lacamas Lake 1/2 Disaster. My goal? Finish. Okay - done... barely. Seriously, what the hell was that race? Sure I was unprepared and freshly off of the IT Band situation, but still ... who puts a skyscraper to scale up at mile 12.5 of a race??

Now here we are, days away from my 6th half marathon and I am pretty much going in way under-prepared. Thanks to Meniere's Disease kicking my stubborn ass for a couple of weeks and hot days trying to kill my spirit, I am just mentally ready, but not physically. Did that stop me from setting goals for Rose and Myself? Hell no! Oh, yeah, Rose ... we have goals now, FYI.

Goal A:  At least one photo of one or both of us doing a cartwheel at some point during our two races. Yeah, I totally went there! I mean if you are going to have your A goal be the hardest, then dammit, let's toss in gymnastics. Do you cartwheel? I'll get practicing tonight.

Goal B:  A photo on the field at Angel Stadium. Can you tell me any other time I'd be on the field like that?

Goal C:  To Not collapse or cry before crossing the finish line and getting those beautiful medals around my neck. The challenge of goal C is for Rose to stay sane while putting up with me when I fight trying to whine that I want my mommy. ;)  Don't doubt it, I think I say it during every race!

* * * * * *

Basically, just as it was with Apollo 13 .... Failure is NOT an Option. I don't care what goes on, I WILL go home with three medals from this weekend. And I WILL have an awesome time! And we WILL have the mother of all blogger meet ups! And it WILL be an Epic success!!


  1. No option not to yak at the finish line? ;)

  2. Yeah -- I thought of that then realized this is ME we are talking about and that is always a VERY REAL possibility!

  3. I have never in my life been able to do a cartwheel, but for you, I will do my best, which will be HILARIOUS on camera.

  4. have such a great time! enjoy. it. all. !!!

  5. cartwheel during the race- what a grand idea! just make sure you don't kick people in the process hehe.

  6. Best wishes to you!!! I say you will make ALL of your goals in this one! :)

    And then, in a few weeks, I get to see you crying allover again at Pre's high school!

    SO glad you are getting even with the meneire's. AWESOME.

  7. Have a ton of fun. Well tell the blog writer to have a ton of fun.

  8. No puking before crossing the line added to option C. Sheesh, have I taught you nothing??????

    Have a fantastic time. Take 150 pics. And think about me at least once.

  9. I love the cartwheel goal!! I was trying to do one the other day and chickened out! Have so much fun!! Say hi to Mickey for me! :)

  10. it will be GREAT
    I hope I get to see you there!!!!

  11. OMG, your cracking me up!! Seriously, a cart wheel. I'm lucky to do one in the front yard. I sure couldn't do one with hundreds, thousands of people running by me!! Good luck on Goal A. Can't wait to see that pic!

  12. I can't wait to hear all about it and see all the EPIC pics! Have a blast!


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