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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Monday, October 31, 2011

Anatomy of a Halloween Costume

Race? Report? What? I did another race this weekend? Yeah... about that.  I'll compose myself and come up with a report. It will most likely be short and I'll talk about Titanic more than running. Biker Boy captured how this went for me with this one single picture. I feel like it just really says a lot.

So instead of dwelling on the past, let's talk about today! It is Halloween .... one of my favorite seasons - because for me this one day does last a whole season. With a drawer full of costumes I decided to branch out. Go outside my comfort zone. Be really cutting edge and different ....Today, I am in full costume as.... wait for it .... a tired, thirsty, hungry half-marathoner. 

BUT! I couldn't just go in regular gear. No way. What fun is Halloween if you can't wear something you normally wouldn't? Today I am dressed, mocking those things I would normally make fun of while racing. I had to omit certain things, but considering I threw this together 15 minutes before I left for work, I like the finished product! It is obvious I usually spend too much time worrying about my clothes, and I would never run not matching with well though out accessories. Not today!

**As bright as they are, no making fun of the Nike capris and skirt combo. You WILL be seeing this again**
  • I am authentic ... with a timing tag on my shoe (from Portland!) AND my arm sleeves still smell from Saturday's race!
  • Head band ... animal print clashing with the animal print on the arm sleeves. Big no no in my world!
  • Um, neon anyone? One piece is fine .... but a full body of it? I need some sunglasses!
  • Rainbow sleeves (LOVE them, Thank you Team Sparkle!) with all of this ... a bit too much. But dammit I freaking LOVE them!
  • You can't see that my non-moisture wicking socks are another crazy animal print that are purple and pink. 
  • Shoes are stained with blood.
  • Crooked number ... and really this should be on my back, because how many newbies do you see running with their number on their back? Too  many.
  • If you notice my bib, it is for the Prefontaine Memorial --- but I'm wearing a Hippie Chick shirt? Bad form. I would NEVER race in a shirt from another race. I would also never (aside from my very first when the weather ended up dictating an emergency layer) wear the shirt for the race I am racing in. 
  • Naturally I have my Garmin. Can't leave home without it.
  • And to keep in character I am using my post-race water bottle from Saturday instead of my usual.
  • I also applied blush to my entire face so I could have a post-race rosy color all day long. 
  • Okay, I even ran from my car to my desk so I would be winded when I showed up. See? Authentic!
Things that didn't make it:
  • iFitness belt. It is still damp and very smelly from the race. I just couldn't do it.
  • Urine.  It is too early in the day to pee myself for authenticity ... but give it time. You never know!
  • Bobble headband - I suck. I should have added this. I have one at home.
  • Tutu. All I have is a petticoat that goes under another Halloween costume and it didn't have the right feel to it.
  • And as pointed out on facebook ... I need 4 or 5 girlfriends by me so we can walk arm in arm taking up the entire path so others can't get around us!
  • No post-vomit tissue in my pocket, because I always run with that. And today is the day I do what I don't normally do! Kind of nice to not have a poofy hip of paper towel!
OH - you can't see in the photo, but I wore a pink polka dot sports bra underneath. In person you can see it a little bit. 
Don't forget the medal. Mmm.... one more day to enjoy the fun of getting that beautiful and freakishly heavy Coast to Coast medal!

What did you dress up as? Are you doing anything tonight in honor of the occasion? Did you dress up your children? Did you have a huge ass party and have Dexter like props and wear the world's tightest outfit and pasties? Can you smell me all the way over there?


  1. This is HILARIOUS.

    I can't wait for you to pee your pants 4 miles into your day.

  2. So cute. But, you forgot your iPod!!! I'm wearing the pumpkin race shirt at work today.

    And, I hope I didn't offend by wearing my SF Half shirt at the race on Saturday. I mainly did it because it was orange. That's all.

  3. Sorry about your race, mine sucked too. I feel you on that, but that just means- our next race is going to rock!

    costume: love love love it!
    I saw my first accident this weekend. I felt terrible for the person, but now it is no longer a runner myth.

  4. Abby - you saw a runner/car accident??

    I'm thinking with our new "solar red" capris we are always going to visible for miles when we're running! We just might blind everybody in Disney with our legs!

  5. Don't be sad about your race because your Nike capris and skirt combo outfit ROCKS, I'm jealous!
    1. You ran further & faster than BIG% of the worlds slovenly 7billion population
    2. Your outfit was super cute for the race
    3. A midwife once told me "don't over analyse every nappy"
    4. the relevance of 3 is nill but retrospectively funny ;-)

  6. No! OMG. I thought you just had a crappy run. I'm so sorry!!

  7. I always wear race shirts from other races. I don't think I own a tech tee that isn't from another race! Maybe some day when I have money...

  8. Oh my lord. Good call. hahahaha

  9. Oh my! This is my most favorite Halloween costume!!!!! :)

  10. Awesome!! Love the costume!

    Sorry about the race.

  11. Pick your head up girl!! You looked super cute! :)

  12. Love the costume! :) Sorry to hear the race wasn't too thrilling though. :( There's always another one around the corner though!

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