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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Babbled Via Bullets

  • I'm craving plain spaghetti with Parmesan cheese from a Disney World resort food court. I like to keep it classy.
  • The weather is changing here which means my hands are cracking open again. A little tube of Neosporin is now my best friend today.
  • I was shopping for groceries last night and had a small, although still nerve wracking, Meniere's attack. I was able to get home, but instead of running like I had planned, I had to fix a very simple dinner and lay down. Of course this would happen when I have a race in just a couple of days. I'm better now - I think?
  • There were a bunch of new people in swim class today, plus one lane was closed for one woman to very slowly swim her laps. Not sure why she couldn't just do that in the pool that is only for lap swimmers. It made class annoying. A lot of people in a small amount of space. Our instructor pretty much floated right into my feet during our ab work. I like our class small.
  • And it is officially still dark outside when I leave the YMCA after swim class. I have to leave on a light in my house so I can see when I get home.
  • My youngest daughter, the largest one (i.e. the dog pictured above) is having a "procedure" tomorrow. We are calling it a "procedure" so she won't be as scared. She is having her teeth cleaned and some lumps removed from her legs and sternum area. (Do dogs have a sternum?) I'm not gonna lie, I'm nervous. My baby has never been in any situation like that before, aside from being spayed before she was ever MY baby. I am anticipating her having a cone. And oh my gosh, if she does?? Get out the glue gun, the stickers and the markers .... that cone is getting decorated! 
  • I'm still pretty nervous about the Portland Half Marathon, yet really excited, too! I should finalize an outfit I think.
  • I'm actually going to go to the lecture series at the expo. I usually skip that. Jeff Galloway and Frank Shorter will be talking and I figure they ran with my idol and still run, so they could have great stories and advice to share!
  • Okay, I'll amend an earlier bullet point - the Meniere's thing is still going on. I'm just going to try to be quiet, lay low, hydrate and perhaps take back-up meds during lunch. So if I am M.I.A. for a day or so, this is why. I need to try to get rid of this BEFORE the race. I really want to do my best heading into the fall race season.
  • There was too much of Mercedes being a whiny ass bitch on Glee last night. I don't like her character anyway, but when she is like she was last night I just want to change channels.
  • I'm really happy Gene and Shannon got married! I LOVE Gene Simmons. I took my dad to a KISS concert for his 40th birthday. It was awesome! I've pretty much been a big fan of his since grade school when I would play the Destroyer RECORD all the time and stare at their really cool costumes. I think I just liked his really long tongue.
  • My next scheduled 5K will be done wearing a poncho and sombrero. I'm totally bringing my maracas. Hell I might try to sneak in a margarita mid-race when we enter World Showcase right at the freaking margarita stand area! Ole!
  • And I'm pretty sure you didn't see this yet .... and you should probably watch it. I mean I spent a whole night working on it and paid $3.99 for it. So watch, enjoy, be thankful you weren't the lady that peed yourself before the first 4 miles were even done!


  1. Comments in bullets:
    Oh, I hope your puppies "procedures" go well, sweet little thing.

    Hmmm, hope that Meniere's attack doesn't keep you from running. Take care!

    I've heard a lecture by Frank Shorter, he's a very interesting speaker!

  2. I peed myself 4 minutes into the video. Does that count?

  3. @Tara - that's good to hear! I'm ready to just soak up anything he has to share!

    @Rose - about 4 minutes into the video I made sure it did a slow zoom in on your ass, so I think that counts!

  4. Your dog will look awesome with her bedazzled cone... all the other dogs will definitely be jealous. You're such a good mommy. I'm sure all will go well.

    Rest up and getting feeling better. You'll be awesome this weekend!

  5. Love the bullets.

    You ARE very classy.

    I wish they would have given Mercedes the part "solo" to shut her up. But, I guess she had to cross over to the dark side somehow.

    Good luck this weekend. I might spectate. Not in the rain, though!

  6. i hope your baby's procedure goes well tomorrow! :)
    No outfit yet for the half?! you better get on that! ;)

  7. I like the margarita plan. It might help us run faster the next day.

    And I forgot where I heard it, but apparently some runners stop to ride rides. Im too slow for that.

  8. I hope your baby's procedure will go well. Speedy recovery for your baby!

  9. I'm sure all will go well for your baby!

    Good luck this weekend!!


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