To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Need A Mental Holiday

Should we go with bullet points since I have NO thought out idea for this blog?

  • Help me Rhonda just came on (do you know how hard it is to type that with an H?? SO unnecessary, but then typing it the way the Beach Boys misspelled it does help me avoid Google alerts!). Anyway, I used to hate this song. I can't tell you how many times this has been sung to me. Or how many times people would look at me at Kali River Rapids and say, "Help me Rhonda." Hahaha, yes, I haven't heard that one before. I'm forcing myself to learn to the like the song so I won't cringe the rare times I actually hear the song and not the jokes. This has nothing to do with ANYTHING.
  • On Thursday we are doing an earthquake/evacuation drill. The news people will be here near my work area. I better pick out some extra fun socks that day!
  • I'm overwhelmed (now I'm back on track with the blog purpose...).  I want to just go home. Turn off every form of communication and be alone. I want to de-stress, come up with some game plans and make some stuff happen!
  • So I'll run 5 miles. It is supposed to be about 80º today which means, like my idol Steve Prefontaine, I'll "piss and moan" the entire time. But I hope the 5 will help with the stress.
  • I still need to test my full Halloween costume. I won't run in it, but I need to put on accessories just to know they will all work together. I WILL make them work. They are key!
  • The BIG stress lies with clothing.
    • Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon
    • Disney Family Fiesta 5K featuring the Three Caballeros
    • Walt Disney World Half Marathon
    • Walt Disney World Marathon Relay
  • Essentially 4 races coming up very soon and I have NO idea what to wear for ANY of them! I can't even get inspiration for it. I'm tempted to pull out all of my running skirts and lay them on the floor, then remove the ones I've already raced in and see what I'm left with. Then maybe I'll design around the skirts. But this still doesn't inspire me. My trusty websites are letting me down, too. Nothing is wowing me. I haven't found the "It" thing. For Princess I saw the skirt and I just knew. It clicked. Not this time. I think for Vegas I know my bottom half - which always reminds me of Circus Circus and tacky casinos, which I love - so perfect! But I need a top and socks. 
  • This is ridiculous. I am stressing about clothes! Forget that I have to actually RUN in these races. No, I worry about skirts.
  • BECAUSE, if I think about the running I panic. 29.3 miles in 3 days. Holy F-word, Batman! Last November I ran 15 miles. In January I did 72 - that is my highest EVER, and only because Lesley was kicking my ass constantly to get me ready for the Princess. I need to start kicking my own ass. 
  • But first I need clothes!!!
  • I'm going to be a runner now. I'm going to get my head back into the game.
  • And I think I'm done with food for a while.
  • I'm going to try to pause on registering for races now so I can save some money. I have my child to produce next year (since I totally got off schedule a bit, dammit), and in the event I have my turkey baster baby I'm gonna need some extra cash on hand to get that schtuff done!
Okay, now I'm going to go freak out a bit more now on my own. 
I'm just REALLY excited about Vegas. Maybe I should run the half in that pink dress behind me??


  1. I like your idea of looking at all the skirts you haven't worn in a race and starting there.
    I am thinking about doing the marathon relay, because the medal is so damn cute.

  2. I second Kelley's suggestion. You look much cuter racing than most of the rest of us do!

  3. you are so funny, I loved your comment about whether I should wear my shorts or not. I'm going with it, but seriously thinking of adding a sparkle skirt. With 40,000 other people running, I'll need to stand out in the crowd : )

  4. have fun at vegas!! i'm sure you will find the perfect, show stopping attire!!


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