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-Steve Prefontaine
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Run #7.4 - A Bad Run is Good News!

It may have been the pizza. Turns out my mom and step-dad had upset stomachs all day yesterday, too. Pizza is the one thing we all 3 have in common from our Saturday together.

I had 9 miles on the schedule. I was really excited to Galloway the heck out of it and see what I am made of. I had some breakfast and was letting it settle. Time flew by. Then I started smelling Ritz crackers and got hungry. I was able to pinpoint the origin of the smell to my cat sitting in front of the heater. So apparently when Tinker Bell bakes herself in front of the heater she smells like crackers? I decided to have lunch and get caught up on the Jersey Shore, all the while not feeling "right". The Shore ended, I grabbed my iPod with a fresh playlist for the race, put on the Garmin and visor (to keep my face dry since it is now raining in Oregon again!) and didn't leave. I think I hit the bathroom 2 or 3 times before heading out.

Started running, enjoying the mild temperature and misty rain, but not enjoying my legs. They felt like lead. I felt like I wasn't moving at all. I was holding stead around 10:30 or so - which lately is a minute slower than my runs usually start. Then they just flat out hurt. I found a big tree to pause under and stretch out my legs a bit. After that they felt a tad better and I continued on. 1.4 miles in I was back at the bathroom in the park. False alarm. Stomach still churning I set out on my way again. My legs were feeling a smidge better, but still just really wanted some quality time with the foam roller.

My tummy??
2.5 miles in I was done. I was on a bench thinking. I was trying to not let my head get the better of me and break me down. But it was also on this bench that I realized this terrible run is a really good thing! While training for the Princess Half, history shows that every other week was just sucktastic for me. SO.... if I continue to follow in my own footsteps, having this terrible run this Sunday means next Sunday - the Portland Half Marathon - will be great!

On that bench I decided to just get in a 10K and I'd be happy. All That Jazz came on, I pretty much did my own little dance number on the path and then continued on my way. Um yeah, I love a good dance sequence with jazz hands, shoulder rolls, perfectly timed snaps and some leg kicks. It makes life fun! I actually started getting into the groove but then my tummy started talking to me again. I did the math and knew that if I just straight home I'd get in an even 5. If I tried to do a 10K I'd end up who knows where with a long way back home and no close potties. Took inventory of my body, the rain, the fact that I could be home watching Titanic and thought, "What the f?? Just run your lazy ass home!"  And so I did! I finished that run really strong and never gave up - even on the final hill. Yay!

So this bad run is a blessing in disguise, or at least that's how I'll envision it! Next Sunday... half marathon #7! Bring it!!


  1. Please tell me there is a video somewhere doing the "All That Jazz!!"

    Feel better!

  2. I WISH there was video! I was on fire and I think I had my best dance moves to that song so far!

    I ended the whole song with one big "pop".... which was sort of a head tilt, big wink and one big jazz hand in the air.

    Dammit - I really need the paparazzi to follow me around some times!

  3. All That Jazz is a fantastic song. You did the right thing, by all means. :)

  4. I think that going home was the best bet. As someone who has had a bad, to far from home tummy experience you definitely made the right decision.
    Good luck next week. We will be running races at the same time.

  5. I wish I could have seen the jazz hands! :) Sounds like a good decision to go home.

  6. I'll be looking for you! I will be there cheering some friends on! :0) Have a FANTASTIC half!!!


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