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Friday, October 7, 2011

Run #7.5 - Do NOT Take Your Dog's Medicine!!

You know how I always have a great excuse to skip/shorten/slack on my runs? Last night was no exception. But I feel I had a legit reason this time! It wasn't from Meniere's Disease, it wasn't from an upset stomach (oh we'll get to that!!) ... this time it was because of my little dog.

I looked like this (modeling my newest running skirt - the race belt one from Skirt Sports. I am showing it here paired with a race shirt and some adidas capris. I ended up running sans skirt, but just HAD to try it on, naturally!):

But then I looked over and saw this:

My girl was sleeping smashed against my sock/bra/compression drawers. (Don't you love my floor??) I love her little bandage on her wrist - she has polka dots!

I took advantage of her sleeping to count the stitches. One set isn't visible here, but I did find twenty! (She had her teeth cleaned and four fatty lumps removed.)

Once I was ready to run I had to administer the cone. She's a picker. I don't trust her to not try to get at her stitches. I thought it would be hysterical. Until I saw this face:

Okay, it is still a little funny. She was so confused. And then just really depressed.

She refused to make eye contact with me. Then she tried to walk and it was a disaster. She was crashing into everything. She was NOT happy. I felt horrible. I took the cone OFF.

SO .... I cut my run short. Just 2 fast miles so I could get back to my little Lady. I stopped in at my grandpa's house (right around the corner) and arranged for him to be her babysitter today so that she won't have to wear the cone (and risk knocking everything over in my house). Plus her meds warn of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea - I don't want that happening while I'm not there!

This morning I had to give her the first of 14 pills (2 times a day for 7 days). It was a capsule. I opened it, tried to mix it in some strawberry jelly, because who doesn't love that? She wanted nothing to do with it. When I dropped her off with Grandpa I had to bring her little saucer with her "treat" still on it hoping she'd eventually eat it. But you know who DID ingest some of the pill??? ME! Apparently it was on my fingers or somehow I got in on my face and then licked it? I'm not really sure. But it got inside of me and now I feel like ass! I'm in a cold sweat. My insides are churning. I want to hurl. And I try to drink water but it just brings that terrible taste back, so I'm sucking at hydrating. I even did my usual pre-race reminder, too:

The run was good. I ran harder than I will on Sunday. And I ran without music and my RoadID. I just had Lady on my mind and had to get home!

So that's it. Half Marathon #7 is this Sunday. Tonight I head up north. Tomorrow I go back south a bit for some OSU tailgating with the fam. Then right back north to the expo. Then racing! I'm excited ... now I just need my body to settle and pretend that it didn't take dog medication this morning!


  1. Your poor pup! Hope you're both feeling better soon! :)

  2. Awwwwww, the cone. Poor baby. :-( Group hugs.

  3. Aww, they are so sad when the cone goes on! I have to mix my cat's capsule powder into tuna everyday and coat her thyroid pill will a pill pocket or it ain't going down. The pill pockets are $$$ but better than wasting the meds when she spits them out and they dissolve into the carpet.

  4. Good luck on Sunday! That skirt is adorable, really super cute...

  5. the dreaded cone...hate when they have that:( good luck this weekend.

  6. Hope Lady recovers quickly. When one of mine had a cone he did very similar things when I first put it on, only difference is him & his sister managed to destroy 3 cones!!!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about Lady :-( but I totally got that skirt, too! for the deal week?! It just came in today. . . Possible twinkies for the half? something to think about!

  8. Abby - you are totally onto something! How much to we have to drug Fred to get him in the same skirt??

  9. Love that skirt!!
    Poor Lady. She does look kinda sad. Hope she is feeling better!!!

  10. Good luck on Sunday! I hope you have better weather for the Portland Half than I did last year!

  11. that is simultaneously completely hilarious and yet a tad worrisome!

    hope your ok!

  12. There is no way we could get him into a skirt. . .although he did say if I paid his way to the Princess half, he's wear a tutu and wings and go as a "lost fairy".


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