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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Run #8.2 - Mini Race & Only 1/2 A Run

I'm such a lazy ass. Seriously. I want a trophy (because why not?) for being the laziest, biggest procrastinator/slacker in the running world.

Let's back up!

Yesterday I was at the OSU football game - right? I mean I watched it until I fell asleep from pure boredom. The tailgate was awesome though. Lots of people, fun stories, new people, good times! And it didn't rain! Sadly my little Lady Bug didn't come along (since I had actual game tickets this weekend), so I didn't have my little bandanna wearing partner in crime. I did, however, realize I was turning into my own little Jersey Shore/Snooki disaster over here in western Oregon .... THIS is how I went to the game =>

Whatever - I was comfy and my toes were cold ... and they really looked like runner's toes yesterday, so slippers were probably the best way to go. At half time we left early, as per usual, to hit the potty and get back to the tailgate party. For fear of being blocked when they raise the ropes so the players can get through, my mom and I started hurrying. So then I started in a light jog (slippers and all!). She speeds up. So I do. Next think you know, we are racing through the courtyard outside Reser Stadium. Who knew my mom could go so fast? Naturally I couldn't let her win... once I kicked in to my typical finish line sprint I lost her. She caught up to me after we crossed the rope area and says, "Now I understand the puking!" See?? It must be a family thing!

Fast forward to this morning. Perhaps fueling up yesterday on Voodoo Doughnuts, chips, cheese, crackers and Smirnoff Raz wasn't the best way to go out for 10 miles in the morning? I woke up today, had some more of my ginormous doughnut, fixed some toast and went out for 10 miles. Water? Who hydrates these days anyway, so overrated. Sheesh...

Yeah, I hit the wall by mile 1. I was doing a test run in most of my Halloween race outfit. It all worked, so yay! I didn't wear the accessories because, well, I'm not THAT ridiculous all the time. 1.5 miles in I was already on the phone with my mom - ready to meet her at the store so I could bum a ride home. Yes, I am THAT lazy! I mean I was only .8 miles from my front door at that location. I decided to keep going and not totally weenie out. However, instead of 10 miles I only did 5. It is all I had in me. My mind was just not up for it, and my body was still tired. 

The plan is to finish the remaining 5 tomorrow. I figure I should at least get started on practicing back to back runs if I don't want to be a total disaster during the second of two half marathons that one weekend in January!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pop some corn, grab a Diet Pepsi and continue with my Dark Shadows marathon. Nothing like quality soap operas from the 1960's! I use the word "quality" VERY loosely here. This show is the best!


  1. Can. not. wait to see your costume. Less than 2 weeks away! Is BB running? I can't remember.

  2. Nope, he's a cheering section!

  3. Love the slippers. Except they are the WRONG colors :)

    You should have worn the whole dang outfit on your run! That would be COOL!


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