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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update: Sentencing for the Animal Abusers

You may recall I had jury duty in September, and on the final day my number was called. The case was animal abuse with two defendants - one I thought looked like a transient and the other like Aileen Wuornos. If you missed it, you can click that link in the first sentence to hear all about my Nancy Grace type antics in the court room. Shockingly Not so shockingly I was dismissed.  Happily, after many days in the court room (while I was busy at work not being a juror), a verdict was reached --- guilty on all counts for both defendants.

Yesterday the women were back in court to be sentenced. Ooh - I found a photo. Credit goes to the lame newspaper that wrote the story. (Seriously, we have a terrible local paper.) The one sitting with glasses on really cleaned up. She is the one with the crazy Aileen Wuornos eyes. Pretty sure she sent some nasty looks my way. Yeah, I didn't abuse an animal, so you can suck it, lady!  The one standing is the one that looked like a transient on the day I was there. The blond lawyer is the one that kind of gave me attitude, so I professionally sent it right back at her. 

Anyway, good news -- if you are on the side of the poor, now deceased animal.  The sitting woman got 6 months in jail, the standing one got 90 days. And neither of them can own pets for 5 years. They got lucky. The sitter could have had up to a year in jail, the stander up to 6 months. I wish they would NEVER be allowed to have pets again. Hopefully years down the road I don't get called to jury duty again for anything they did to another innocent animal.
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And now I shall conclude this post with a picture ... of my finger the way it looks right now. My poor pinky. It isn't straight. It doesn't wear nail polish. It does crack open. It does look sad. Can you believe this is the hand of a 32-for-a-few-more-days-year-old?
We can thank the weather changing for this one. Sadly this is not rare for me.


  1. We are gonna have a birthday!
    We are going to have a birthday!!!
    We are going to have a birthday!!!

    Ooooh I'm so annoying... :)

  2. I. Cannot. Stand. Animal. Abuse.
    PERIOD! It makes my tummy hurt to even think about it :-(

    Your finger makes my tummy hurt, too. Dang girl...get ye some lotions and potions for that poor skin.

  3. So, your finger needs some TLC!!

    The whole story just makes me mad. SO glad the court decision went that way, though.

  4. Glad the women were punished...... should have got the max in my opinion....... and should NEVER be allowed the privilege of owning a pet.

    Your poor hands..... Eucerin hand cream should fix that up!

  5. Oooops..... Eucerin is the wrong stuff.

    Get Aquaphor!!!!!!!

  6. Ouch your hand looks sore, hope its not and hope it heels quick.

    Amazing how some people just don't get it do they, heaven forbid those ladies ever have kids, I shudder to think!

  7. You are totally right--their sentences should have been harsher. They should never be allowed to have pets ever again.

    Your finger definitely needs some lotion or antibiotic ointment! Hope it heals quickly!


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