To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Post About Prefontaine

I just read this crazy story on Daily Mile:  Pre Lives? Steve Prefontaine's spirit cheers on runners. Go read it! It is a fast read and pretty darn cool!

(Did you read it yet?) Okay, for those of you that aren't going to, basically a bunch of track meets happened around Oregon and at all of them it was as if Pre was there. Running. Cheering. People kept seeing the image of him and then he would just vanish. I wasn't there, so I can't offer an opinion. Do I believe he was there? Well why not?

The night before the Portland Half Marathon, as I was walking with Pre's older sister, she reassured me that I would go out and do my best. She promised me he would be running right beside me and help me. That next day - where I got my current half marathon PR - when it got tough his image popped into my head and I kept pushing. So he was there. Even if HE wasn't, he was in spirit and in my head, and that was all that I needed that day.

But I have seen him before. No, really, I swear I saw him! I still want to go back to that very spot and see if there is anything on the ground. I was running a 5K in Eugene, Oregon. As I do with every race, I had my personal pep talk with him and asked him to help me out and give me fast legs. Corny? Maybe. Does it help me? Yes. I went into this race just hoping to keep moving and not pass out. I had a cold all week and breathing was difficult. **If you haven't raced in Eugene, let me tell you you are missing out! These people are so damn fast. I am always in awe and I swear they help me run faster than I knew I could. There's a reason it is Track Town, USA!**  The race began and I was swept up in a sea of fast runners. I did my best to keep up and felt pretty proud of myself. About 1/3 of the way in we crossed over the Willamette River. I started getting tired and thought about walking. I didn't want to though.

I looked up at the sky and talked to Pre. Feeling about to be lost in the swarm of faster runners I looked down trying to find it in me to keep going. But when I looked down it wasn't what I expected. I did a double take and then looked at the other runners to see if anyone else saw what I did. No one else seemed to be phased by this vision I just had... which really makes me wonder what did I see?? I will tell you what my eyes saw. I saw Pre. His face was right there looking at me. I kid you not. I know what I saw. I can't explain it. I kept pushing. I chicked a guy in the final stretch. I got my current 5K PR!

So do I believe it is possible for the spirit of Steve Prefontaine to appear and help runners to do their best? Yes, I totally do!


  1. That just gave me chills. I think its so neat that you have that special connection with him, and now with his family. It totally ups your cool factor even more :)

  2. I STILL have not been to that memorial! Some day you will need to take me there to see it.


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