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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Run #9.3 - I've Still Got It!

I'm still adjusting to the time change. I'm like an old person, or a dog, and my tummy is trained. It knows when it is noon and 5 o'clock, and starts growling. So now that it is getting hungry while I'm still working, I am having issues with working out BEFORE dinner. I have been so hungry that I'm eating once I get home. Last night was no different .... and I was daring and mad mac & cheese. I have the world's most sensitive tummy, like Along Came Polly/Ben Stiller sensitive, which is why I eat the same things over and over. However, mac & cheese and I don't always agree. Thankfully last night we did, and I was able to eat it and then head straight out for a run.

Right now I'm paying close attention to the temperature when I'm going outside, for the sake of research and my upcoming races. I'm trying to figure out what I should wear. I think I solidified one shirt last night. I felt warm enough, but not hot. Granted, I only ran 2 miles. But they were fast! Okay - fast for me. Two miles in 20 minutes. I would always be happy with this, but I am especially happy because that 20 minutes was still at a 4:1 run/walk ratio! So yeah, my running was zippy!! Hooray!  For most of that run I was just in the zone. My legs felt no pain (maybe it was because they were numb from the cold?). I just felt like I was gliding along effortlessly. I couldn't believe it when I looked at my Garmin and had already gone 1.5 miles! I'd have gone for the planned 3, but I had to get home for Glee. I have my priorities!

My last craft project
for the 2010 Princess weekend
In running news, I'm so happy my dear friend is talking about the Vegas race now. She hasn't trained at all, but now the race is in her mind. She is planning on walking it and has no fear about finishing on time. She's on her feet all day walking for 8 hours anyway, so I think she's of the mind-set that this will actually just be fun! I spotted many karaoke bars along the strip ... you can be sure to find us there at some point that weekend! 

In swimming news, the YMCA sucked today! Our adult locker room is out of order. There was a leak so I think/hope they are repairing that today. So I had to use the girl's locker room that I haven't been in for probably 25 years. It is strange. And not as nice. And old. And cold! I hurried through to the pool and immediately got in to warm up. After class it was NOT fun to get out and have to walk into this freezing room while you're all wet. I may have whined a lot about that. Hopefully Friday our regular room is back in working order. There was talk of the ladies going to Happy Hour tonight, but that talk happened on Monday and nobody said anything today .... so I'm thinking it was postponed?

Either way I'm not going to go, and instead I'm hoping to go to the fabric store to get the makings for headbands. I realized I could just make some and have them be the way I want, versus paying a lot for just one. Have you seen prices for those at expos? Come on. Seriously. No way am I paying $15. I'd rather pay $15 for materials and have extra to give to friends or something. So that's my new craft project whim. Hope my mom's ready because I sort of just decided we'd be making headbands this weekend by the fire!

OH! I might also do a run this weekend along the North Umpqua Trail - by the river. It is so pretty there! My friend and I have been talking about doing it for a while now but I used to never have a chance. I might have to get some trail shoes now ~ and prepare for mud! Eek!


  1. Great job on the run. You are so going to kill Vegas!

  2. You are lucky to be crafty and have a mom that will help you out.

    My gym is being painted and they have the spin room in a shambles. The stereo wasn't even hooked up yesterday and we spun(?) using a boom box. I hate the smell of paint and made sure the one working fan was blowing air in front of me. Good grief!

  3. One thing that helps me out with the hunger pains is I bring a snack to have mid afternoon to tide me over so I'm able to do a workout before dinner- does wonders.

    I'm tapping into my crafty bug as well- just finished re-upholstering a chair... I"m so proud!

    As far as bands go- I love love love Chica Bands- they are normally $12 or they have a deal where you get 3 for $30- which isn't so bad. I agree, I have yet to spend $15 on a band- geesh!

  4. You sound too crafty for me, I'd waste £15 on materials and then still fork out for a headband .... I never win them :-(

  5. I hear ya, coming out of the pool literally sucks when it is freezing. Also, jumping right into the water sucks too. If it was not for those two things swimming would be amazing!

  6. Ooh - look at you being crafty!! I have visions of being crafty but I rarely follow through. I just realized I am going to be in Vegas the week after the RnR - if only I had figured out timing earlier. Doh!

  7. I'm so not crafty, I've gone so far as to wear one of my 5 year olds glittery head bands!

  8. I wish I could make some headbands....I'd love to be one of those "friends" you have extra for!! :) And I love listening to karoake when I'm sober, and Love singing karoake when I've had a few!!


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