To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Run #9.4 - Thirsty Thursday & A Run

I'm going to babble!

Thirsty Thursday was AWESOME this week! My mom and I went up the street to our usual spot and ended up with the small booth in the window. We might have to sneak out of work early next week to get a spot at the bar! The owner and his son came and joined us for a while, so we had some new, fresh conversation with a couple of really cool people!  On the way to pay our bill I hear a guy saying my name. I'm clueless as to who he was, but I say hi. Turns out it was my oldest friend's cousin that I haven't seen since the sixth grade. He said he recognized me right away - apparently I haven't changed at all. Yeah, I could agree with that. So we had a lovely reunion! I couldn't stop hugging him, telling him how all the girls had a crush on him in school except for me ...because I knew better. Yep, even as a 4th grader I had excellent gaydar. The girls would never believe me, but I stood by it, and I was right!  He and I have exchanged numbers and have plans to go check out guys together some night!

Then came Friday, my day off. I was up and at swim class with a plan. Once class was over I hung out in the hot tub with the two other younger girls, catching up on our non-swim lives. If only I knew their names. I feel like I'm too long into the class to ask people what their names are. After we left the tub I got back into the pool. I know this is so small and silly, but I did something I've NEVER done. I swam down to the opposite side and back. I'm told it is an Olympic length pool. It took me 40 seconds each way with my own improvised form. I'm a cross between dog, frog and mermaid. I really thought it would take a couple minutes each way, so I was shocked. It was so fun to say I can swim a lap!

I planned on running Friday, but my Meniere's kept bothering me and walking was a challenge. So instead I got up this morning and went for a fast, hill-filled two mile run. Tomorrow will be my long run, so I just kept this one at two. I felt great and kept filling my head with visions of crossing the finish line of that second half marathon during WDW Marathon weekend. I can't even imagine what my body will feel like at the end of the 3rd race!

For the rest of this day I have been hanging with my mom and my dog. We made 4 running headbands, working out the kinks. Jessica and I now have matching bands for Vegas. Tomorrow I'm picking up more velvet and we are going to turn into a factory and whip them out!

So that's my weekend so far. I love 3 day weekends!

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  1. The minute we think we can't do something we let someone (or something) else take away our freedom.

    I keep going to club races, and I still find it beneficial to stop. Introduce myself. And then feel even more vested in the relationship.

    But, thats just me. :)


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