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Monday, November 28, 2011

Run #9.7- Last "Long" Run

First off, thank you so much for your nice blog comments lately. I wanted to reply to everyone - but obviously I've been feeling not up to much. Even looking at a computer screen has been bothering me, so I've just been out of communication with the world. But thank you soooo much. Your comments have really made me smile!

Okay, so no runs in a week - bad, bad girl. I did go to swim class on my 3 swim days and even stayed after on Friday to try swimming some laps. One class was pretty difficult because apparently I lose my balance in water, too! But I really tried to get in the best workouts I could to make up for my inability to go running. Given the fact that I leave for Vegas in 4 nights, I felt determined to get out and at least try to run. I knew 10 wasn't going to happen. It took too long for me to feel steady enough to run, so if I did go for 10 it would be dark during most of it and I wouldn't have felt safe alone in the dark right now.

I thought, "Maybe I can do 5" but once I started moving I thought, "I hope I can do 1!" This run was in my racing shoes (I train in my heavier Nikes and then race in my lighter Adidas. Seems to be working rather well for me actually) and a skirt. It was warm enough to go in a skirt with bare legs! I enjoyed it since I don't know when this will happen again... probably next year.

He wants my cookies!
**Kim, check out the necklace**
**Totally "singing" the Titanic song**
I tried to keep the pace slow. I stuck to the 4:1 ratio, as per usual, as felt pretty okay all things considered. I did discover I do better on the path where I have that line to follow - the line being the edge of the path. I ventured off into the grass to head to a drinking fountain and immediately started swerving all over without a fixed point to stare at.

Speaking of fixed points and staring .. oh my gosh. What a crazy run. It almost felt like an out of body experience. My eyes and body felt disconnected. I couldn't really feel myself running - although I could feel my legs getting tired (this doesn't make any sense. I have a hard time explaining things during Meniere's episodes). Anyway, I was running and my body was going in one direction, but I couldn't really see it. I just saw leaves swirling around me everywhere. I'm so happy I did this run without any accidents! I realized if I sort of let my eyes glaze over and I didn't focus on anything, then I actually felt better. Odd.

So I guess in Las Vegas I need to find myself something to use as a guide. The sidewalk, or the lines on the street. Something to just help me keep going without swerving around too much.

I feel really happy that I got out there and ran, even if it was only 4 miles. I'm planning on another easy run tomorrow and a final short run on Wednesday before I bake cookies. Um, yeah, I'm the girl that bakes cookies to take to Vegas. I have a slew of drag queens just waiting for them, and you don't want to get on the bad side of a sassy queen, trust me! ;)


  1. Best of luck in LV! Maybe you need to pin a streamer on someones bum in front of you and they can create your line to follow :)

  2. Oh my goodness. The irony is, I love Celine and S doesn't. Haha. I guess your singer has something for both of us.

    Good luck in LV. Be smart.

  3. He can have your cookies if I can have morph my body into his body, its amazing!!!!

  4. I hope all goes well in Vegas for you and that you will be doing well

  5. Good luck in vegas!

  6. Sorry for being so out of the looooooop! ROck it, look beautiful (like usual) and fill yourself with Rad power. xo


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