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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saran Wrap

Okay, does anyone here actually LIKE Saran Wrap? I feel like it is this pesky thing everybody has, but when they go to use it they groan and the four letter words start coming. It really is annoying. It never clings the way you want it to. Really, I guess it just clings to itself. Good, Saran Wrap. Keep to your freaking self. I'm going to replace you with foil! Foil is so much more fun. I used to have a pretty amaaaazing foil ball in junior high.  I kept it up for years. It hung out near my cactus collection and my huge stash of Converse. Some things are really cool and fun. Some things are irritating... i.e. Saran Wrap.

And in other news, I got my first and ONLY Happy Thanksgiving card last night. I've never had one before and I was really excited about it! Especially because it is from one of my most favorite people in the whole entire universe. Plus I really love Thanksgiving. I'm not someone that is in to gifts. I love Christmas and the decorations, smells, music, TV specials with holiday sweaters and Kathy Lee singing. But the present nonsense isn't for me. Thanksgiving is perfect. I get to feel the awesome vibe in the air and I get to see my family. We spend all day together talking and laughing, sharing the same stories over and over, gossiping, cooking, eating, drinking ... and usually there is singing, too! Anyway, getting a card in honor of a holiday I really love just made my day! 

The race bug is really getting to me. I am itching to race. I am so freaking excited about Vegas. I get to hit a real expo, I get to be with one of my dearest friends, I get to see 2 of my favorite people as they star in a show just off the Vegas strip, I get to RUN! I'm really excited to help make this whole vacation/race experience memorable and fun for Jessica. I want her first to be special. Aww, TWSS.

Then Disney is just around the corner. I'm already putting in requests with the WDW peeps to make sure I can see the Castle covered in lights while I'm there.  Holiday events will be happening at Downtown Disney during my trip, so I'll be there after checking into my hotel. Shopping and Christmas music, Disney, Wolfgang Puck mac & cheese. It is going to be wonderful!

And I'm already obsessively stalking the RnR page for info on Seattle and Portland. Hurry up and give us course info, dammit!!!  And maybe some deals on hotels would be nice. I think my mom and step-dad are going to go up with me, and they'll want a nice place. I have visions of finally going to the top of the Space Needle for the first time in my life. Yay! Not to mention all the blogger reunions happening that weekend. I cannot wait!!!

Speaking of bloggers, I might IM with one all the freaking time. It really makes for a fun day. I can't tell you what we talk about. But we make me laugh. A LOT.

OH, and not in such happy news, my pain in the arse Meniere's Disease has been bugging me the last few days. I have visions of 4 miles tonight. I might have to do it under the influence of back-up meds, which could make this the world's slowest 4 miler.

That's all.
Questions ... um,
Saran Wrap? Should we vote it off the island?
How often do you stalk race websites?


  1. HATE saran wrap - I never use it. I will pay more for anything else.

  2. Ahhh. I love your comment on my blog about your mom!

  3. I actually like Saran wrap. Not all wraps are made the same. :)
    I like Christmas and Thanksgiving and birthdays but I don't like the presents associated with it. Material goods get in the way of the celebration..

  4. OMG, you are soo funny. I thought when I seen Saran Wrap, that you were going to tell us, that's your race outfit, something crazy. Saran wrap, I use it but it does drive me a little crazy!! I STALK your blog all the time. :)

  5. Key to Saran Wrap:
    Decisive, deliberate, concise actions.

    Can't put foil in the microwave!

  6. Seattle Hotels- I think most races usually go with the Westin. My favorite Hotel in Seattle and where we stay is the Olive 8 by Hyatt! Its new and so beautiful! Love that place!

  7. I love Thanksgiving and this will be my first Thanksgiving at home with my family in 12 years! Crazy! I'm so bummed I won't be at Disney to see any Christmas lights this year. Oh - now that you mentioned RnR Portland - I have been stalking that race website. They haven't put up the course time limit yet (and I won't sign up until I see it!).


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