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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Setting Myself Up....

... for a HUGE challenge. That's what I'm doing. Not on purpose.

I'm sitting up unattended (not grabbing anyone, or a chair, or a wall, or leaning on something) for the first time in a few days. I thought my last Meniere's episode was the worst ... but this one tops it. And of course it is right when I'm trying to pack for Vegas.

I get to go here again THIS WEEK!!!
Right now I'm supposed to be running 10 miles. I'm terrified of trying to run at all. I'm hoping now I can do 5. I'll be happy with 1. Or 3. So all (running) plans for Vegas have changed. This trip has been a big challenge for a while. We booked everything at the beginning of the year. Then Jessica's work told her that nobody would be able to have time off in December -- AFTER they already approved it and we already paid for everything. We cleared that obstacle, then another. This time Jessica didn't have a way to get to the airport in the morning. Crafty thinking - I invited myself to stay over at her house on Thursday night, and then we can just drive down together. More driving for me -- but I think overall I'll feel more relaxed that way knowing we are together and nobody is stuck at an airport anxiously awaiting the arrival of the other.

I can't find shoes. I hate the shoes they make these days, and I really want something to wear in Vegas at night when we go out (but flat so I don't kill myself before the race). I'm coming up with a plan to get around that one.

But really the biggest hurdle is the running. I'm tossing out any visions of greatness in the race. Now my goal is just to finish upright. And still able to breathe. I didn't realize Las Vegas was at a greater elevation that I train at (I am at 528 feet, Vegas is 2030). But at this point, any distance may prove to be a challenge, so screw the elevation. I just want to move in a forward direction without continually drifting to the right and crashing into other runners.

Did I mention I haven't run at all since last Sunday? That's a week. It is mentally breaking me down. I feel like a slacker. I'm a totally slacker anyway, but this time I don't want to be. In other news, I found a ton of books about Meniere's on I might get one. Maybe I can find something to help me out with the vertigo and running.

I've brushed my hair twice all Thanksgiving weekend. Yep. Sad, but true. That's how terrible I've been feeling. What a time, too, right? I mean four days away from work - one should feel spectacular and be productive. Hm. Oh well.  My iPod is synced up, the new Vegas 1/2 playlist is on, I've got a full charge in that and my Garmin. I'm going to attempt to put on some running clothes and see what happens before the little bit of daylight is gone.

I hope to be back with stories of how awesome I did!

*I couldn't even make the mashed potatoes that I make every year. I had to get help. Pure suckdom. BUT I have made a ton of peas this weekend. They are so good! I might start living off of them.


  1. I think the goal should be... FUN!

  2. That stinks:( good luck! I will be thinking about you.

  3. Hey! I've been so MIA, but I WILL be in Vegas. I'll look out for you and your stripey socks.

  4. OH! and I hope you DO have fun and feel better, pretty lady.

  5. Ooh, yes, find me! Only 44,000 runners - you'll see me for sure! Corral 17 is mine. I'm going to be in purple socks this time. I think this is my loudest outfit to date, actually!

  6. I'll look for purple socks fo sho. I'm in 14 so you'll probably pass me. I have no idea what I'm wearing. Something clean. I was thinking about going to this Titanic thing. Is it cool? Seems like I should check it out since it'll be right downstairs.

  7. Yes, hit up Titanic! Even if I wasn't a Titanic freak I'd encourage it. So many things to see, pretty fascinating. And I won't tell you about the end ... but it pretty much takes your breath away. I've gone 4 times to that same exhibit and will be going again Friday afternoon. It's just that good!

    **Most of the little coupon books around have coupons for $5 off your ticket, too!

    Purple, pink, orange - I am running inspired by Circus Circus!

  8. Things will improve....! Enjoy your trip!!


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