To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Speaking Of....

  • This past weekend I got a post card from a place I can't even pronounce. Too cool, thanks Emily!
  • Speaking of places where people have accents, and therefore people with accents ... guess who has reappeared and whom I might see when he will most likely be in town soon .... Sushi Guy. Yeah, blast from the past!
  • Speaking of guys with Guy in the name, remember Navy Guy? The one I "fought" over with one of my gays? Yeah, I forgot to follow-up on that. I was totally winning. Navy Guy even asked me to go to a movie one night. It was really late, so sadly I couldn't go ... but maybe some other time?!? 
  • Speaking of Navy Guy - this week we are doing Thirsty Tuesday instead of Thirsty Thursday. Not like I'd let you forget it, but Thursday night I head north for my slumber party with Jessica then we head to VEGAS!!
  • Speaking of Vegas, I have NOT packed AT ALL! I can't count putting a running skirt, shirt and compression socks on a suitcase packing. Oy - I hate my procrastination, but it is the one skill I have truly perfected!
  • Speaking of procrastinating ... Wednesday night I am baking cookies! Cookies that will be consumed while in Vegas. I vow to not let Jessica and I tear into them until we have touched Nevada soil.
  • Speaking of Wednesday, I am so into a couple shows that both air at 10pm Wednesday night... Revenge and American Horror Story. My local BFF got me into the latter, and Emily VanCamp got me into Revenge. I just loved her on Everwood and cannot get enough of seeing her on TV. She is just so pretty!
  • Speaking of pretty ... what wasn't pretty was my last swim class. It was actually very comical. We rode our horse noodles most of the time... BUT there was a catch. We all had a unique rubber duckie (mine was in a red/white cheerleader outfit) and we were balancing our duckies on our "horse" heads. In order to pull this off successfully I was pretty much in a crunch position the whole time. At the end we had horse races. 2 people at a time - riding our horses, using only our arms. I was in the final heat and it was a tough competition. I think I passed at the very last possible second. My plan was just throw my duck and catch up to it -- much easier than trying to babysit while racing! It is nearly 10pm and I can still feel it. LOVE IT!!
  • Speaking of loving it .... I LOVE the anxiety and fun of my procrastination when it comes to vacation packing. I am notorious for SAYING I am packing weeks ahead of time - but I never do. I figure if I say it I will do it, but yeah, doesn't really happen that way. OMG, I'm going to Vegas this week.
  • Speaking of Vegas ... I am BEYOND excited!!! Weeee!!!!!

  • Random photo alert .... yours truly, second grade, early 80's.
    *Apparently my current racing outfits aren't that far out of my lifelong comfort zone!


    1. Sushi Guy? Really? Hmmmm...

      I love the idea of racing and playing games while getting a workout done. I ran through blow up slides at Julie's boot camp yesterday and it kicked my a$$.

      Oh, and you were adorable in 2nd grade! The purple tights are fantastic. Now, get packing!

    2. I'm a bit confused...I think I need to do some back reading....I guess that is what I get for disappearing for so long. My ODF!!! And, yeah, I dress the same too. Purple tights etc. Wait, no I don't. All black.

    3. Check FB...I just answered via message what ODF is.

    4. I'm loving your 2nd grade outfit! It's super hot!!!! ewww, you should pick out that same kinda outfit for Vegas, then post a before/after picture.

    5. Dude.
      You were Tooo coooool. I looked like that too. Haha :)

      Have fun in Vegas! :)

    6. love the 80s photo.

    7. Yay!! So glad the postcard made it! And love the 2nd grade outfit!


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