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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Review - Starring You!

Obligatory End of the Year Post -- here it is.

I talk A LOT. I mean I am really quiet around some people, but once I am comfortable - brace yourself, I don't shut up! And I write just the same. A LOT. So I'm going to recap my running year as short and to the point as possible! Ha! Right.

First Run 5K - cold. icy. midnight.
Disney's Beauty & the Beast Royal Family 5K - mother/daughter walk. fun!!
Disney's Princess Half Marathon - hot. fun. memorable!
Shamrock 15K Challenge - rain. uphill. hell.
Corvallis Half Marathon - college campus. fabulous sprint to the finish.
Eugene Half Marathon - set a new PR with the help of Pre!
Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon - IT Band pain. good finish.
Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon - 8 leg injections. KT tape. Compression.
Lacamas Lake Half Marathon - the worst race ever. Hated it.
Disneyland Star Tours 5K - I missed my dear Rose. :(
Disneyland Half Marathon - EPIC. Team Jam was born!
Warrior Dash - I love mud.
Prefontaine Memorial 10K - puked at mile 4. ran awesome.
Portland Half Marathon - tested run/walk method. new PR.
Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon - boring course. tears. costume.
Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon - awesome course!! pure chaos. collapse.

How's that for short and to the point?

5K = 3
10K = 1
15K = 1
Quarter Marathon = 1
Half Marathon = 9
Mud Run = 1

Next year is a new beginning with 3 races in 3 days. After that the REAL work begins and hopefully I can set myself a few new PRs!

And instead of filling this post with a bunch of photos, I created this little video. Have a looskie poo - you just might find yourself somewhere in there! Thank you all for helping me have such a memorable 2011!!


  1. Holy. Lots. Of. Racing!!
    Soooo 2012.....

  2. what a crazy awesome year!!!!

  3. Love, love, love the video!!!! You had one hell of a 2011. So much to be proud of.

    And, I might have teared up at the Eugene bloggy meet up pics. You know, right when Born to Run came on and there's Raina in her Boston jacket....

    What a great year. Can't wait to see you in 2012!

  4. LOVE the video!! You ran TONS of races in 2011!! What does 2012 hold? :)

  5. love the video!
    what a great idea
    9 half marathons!!! wow!!!

  6. I LOVE this!!! :) Great year! Bring on 2012!

  7. That's A LOT of racing!!!!
    Girl, how do you fit them all in?

  8. AWESOME VIDEO! What a kick ass 2011, I know 2012 will be even better!


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