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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cue the Taper Madness

Oh my gosh, talk about Taper Madness! I didn't want my taper to start so soon - but a day long stomach bug sort of decided that for me. And the madness instantly kicked in! I'm going crazy over here! I really knew I was in for a bad one when I woke up in a panic after my worse race dream so far.
Here's the short version: I'm at the start area of the relay (which happens to be at my local county fairgrounds?). I see some friends in full race gear getting water, asking if I will be too hot. I packed only long sleeves, and we were having a summer day. I then realize I am in flip-flops and work clothes and have NO running clothes with me at all. I can't find my relay partner or call him - apparently you can't dial and make a call on a plastic cup?? I run all over through fair booths looking for any running clothes and then I realize I am the second leg runner. Nobody is in the corrals yet, so I can buy myself some time and get my clothes and go straight to the relay point. I start yelling toward my mom that I can make it work if she can drive me, as I run toward her. She doesn't understand my excitement and gets mad at me, telling me I am out of control and to calm down and just go home. She kicked me out of the race essentially! Then I woke up. I immediately had to call my partner and have a team meeting!
I'm leaving town a week from tonight - this has potential to be one long freaking week!

Ready to run .... oops. Didn't happen.
Last night I tried to run - but it was cold and raining out (plus I had an "injury"*). My motivation was zapped. Then the stress hit and I ended up using all of my hot water in a long, dark shower filled with singing and mentally telling myself I WILL pull my head out of my ass and do this. At the time, back to back runs seemed to clearly be the best idea. And I don't regret it. I would regret it if I didn't register for that 3rd day and get that Chip 'n' Dale medal. But damn, just waiting to find out what it is going to feel like is making me a little twitchy!

I can't stop staring at my packing list, which is continually being added to and altered (Heaven forbid I forget my maracas!). Now I'm adding short sleeve options for every race, just in case. I hear the lows in Florida right now are pretty much my highs in Oregon - which means I definitely have potential to get toasty!

To add to my mental chaos, I'm trying to grasp that I have made two promises to two people. The first is that after Disney I WILL eat better. I will follow food instructions and recipes and make my own meals not always out of a box or drive-up window. Also after Disney I have passed over control to a new coach that gets to boss me around. I've already told him I'm going to hate him in no time at all. I have to have a structured running plan to follow and forced directions. Every time I do I always stick with it and my running improves. Right now I have a big gap between Disney and Eugene, which gives me time to focus on running a better race "with" my dear "boyfriend" Steve Prefontaine in April. 

*You know how during a taper you start to "know" you are getting a cold or your legs are suddenly injured? I might have had the all time strangest phantom pain ever during a taper! It was a pain I haven't had since Princess Half Marathon weekend of 2010 right before I removed a piercing that was bugging me. Even putting on a sports bra hurt last night. Thank goodness that random "injury" has passed and now I can freak out about my knees, calves, ankles, etc....  TMI?


  1. My tapers are always filled with phantom pains and major paranoia.

  2. Love the pic of our awesome new skirt/pants. However, A did ask me what the heck that was on my right leg. I think the pattern needs a cool name.

  3. The madness of it all, its why I worry about my brain not finishing the marathon!!! You will be fine xx

  4. Phantom pains are normal during taper. But then again, I haven't properly tapered since March. This is going to be interesting.

  5. Abby - we are freaking insane.

    We'll surprise ourselves and be awesome. Oh - and I think we need to be sure to go to Adventureland. I need to see me some Jack Sparrow. And Pecos Bill Cafe. I need to get fries and a gut ache from my old restaurant.

    I'm sleeping in my medals.

  6. Ah! You are doing Eugene too. :) This is good :)

    Tapering...I like it!!

  7. Sleeping in your medals sounds dangerous. Be careful! :)


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