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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Run #10.1/11.1 - Back to Backs

Vegas is done, I'm waiting for my Rock'n'Roll encore medal in the mail and my official WDW packing list is starting to come together. With that, it means it is time to focus on Disney and back to back races during my training runs. I'm kind of working on my own training plan as I go along. That translates to "no plan", FYI. Tentatively I'll be trying back runs to prepare for 3 races in 3 days.

Run #10.1
Saturday: my first run preparing for the WDW Half Marathon. My plan was 5 miles. I was so excited to pull out my cold weather clothes and head out for a nice run through my neighborhood.  That's not what happened. It started off fine, but then maybe my body had sympathy pains for the Vegas runners that had it even worse than I did. I had to keep stopping. First it was a side stitch, which I quickly got ride of, then it was my tummy. Oh my gosh, it was churning. I was barely able to eek out 3 miles and then make it home for a nice hot shower and rush to my first family Christmas gathering.

The nice part of that run was the end when I saw a woman outside of her home. She gave me kudos for being out running when it was so cold. I told her I was almost done, and she expressed even more kudos at me finishing my run while going quickly up a hill. That's right! I willingly ran up a hill - a couple, actually!

Run #11.1
Today I felt so much better and had a great run! My head told me this was the first "long" run preparing for the WDW Marathon Relay - which will be my third race and second half marathon of WDW weekend. After shopping at the Country Club (got a nice new Puma shirt that will join my running collection!) and a filling lunch I prepared to run. I really did look like an Oregonian today ... Nike shoes, Nike capris, Nike gloves, Nike shirt, Nike head/ear warmer!

Going into the run I didn't know how far I would go. I haven't run out here in a while and wasn't feeling too confident about spending the majority of my run hugging the shoulder and staying out of the ditch. Since my dizziness still comes and goes, I changed routes. I created a 2 mile loop mainly on a side street, beginning and ending at my mom's house, where I left my water bottle in the driveway. After the first two loops I knew I wanted to do one more and run a 10K. It felt great! I seriously need to register for a 10K because I have a PR just sitting in this body and I keep setting it over and over during my training runs!

I also found a goat! I've run out here so much and never saw the pet goat. Sadly it is in a backyard so I can't go pet it. Dammit. I disturbed the fattest wiener dog ever every time I ran by. He kind of helped me haul ass on that final loop just because I didn't want to disturb his mom who appeared to be rather elderly.  It was a lovely run. Nice, quiet, rural. Chilly weather, but 43 degrees is my comfort zone, so I was happy!

I cannot believe WDW is coming up so fast! Abby and I made progress on our outfits, so that's a big relief.  Check in time ... who else is going to be in Florida for WDW Marathon weekend??


  1. aaaah, gotta pat a pet goat :-)
    I saw someone walking a goat on a lead the other day on the school run - true story.

  2. DUDE. I have a goat in my neighbor's yard. It responds to a bag of tortilla chips or bread. Comes could have a new pet!


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