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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Run #10.2 - Baby, It's Cold Outside!

This was supposed to be a report about back to back runs. All day I planned to run 5 miles at night. Then I realized I should stay in. I WANTED to run so bad. But my throat is getting scratchier and scratchier. My head started throbbing. And then there is my sore arm from the tetanus shot. (Did you know as adults we are supposed to get them every 10 years? I have no idea when I ever had one in my life at all! I'm sure I did when I was a child?) Anyway, I made the grown up decision to stay in, have a healthy dinner and get some sleep. With Disney coming up so soon I just can't risk getting sick. My back to backs for this weekend are still on schedule though, and who knows, perhaps I'll get in another run before then. Ugh, I feel so guilty. But I'd rather sacrifice this one run than miss a ton from being sick.

So instead I'll quickly recap my 3 miler from Tuesday night. It was probably the coldest run of my entire life. I went out in long sleeves AND a jacket - which is just unheard of from me. Even in 43º weather (my peak performance temperature!) I just use a shirt. My new running skirt/pants combo from Skirt Sports arrived, so I tested that. Oh my gosh -- so comfy!! I even slept in them because they just felt so darn good. I thought they were too long, but once I put on my shoes they were just right. They still have the same side pockets for me to easily carry my house key and iPod. I actually liked the feel better than the Lotta Breeze Capris. Anyway, the run.... All bundled up, I ran a whole tenth of a mile to my grandpa's house to fork over my rent money. Nice and toasty in there! Back to the street I went. It was a very dry, cold night. My knees did kind of stiffen up from the cold, causing me to pause two times during the run to stretch a little and get things functioning again. Overall it was really nice. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. It was nice to see I could run in a jacket and not get too hot and not get annoyed by it.

I think this wasn't much of a run recap as it was a skirt review!

I ran out of my capri leggings and wanted to rock my "patriotic" look again. My mom laughed when we started walking into work and she realized that I am in some Nike running capris. Hey - it is cold out there! I pretty much only own short skirts ..... so I have to create whatever warmth I can!
Today's Random Photo:  At the Hippie Chick Quarter/Half Marathon - shoving tissue in my top for when I inevitably throw up at the finish line. Surprising to all, I didn't need it! Good thing, too .... I sweat too much and it was rendered useless.


  1. I hope you start feeling better!!
    LOVE that pic!! LOVE the shirt too!! blue and green is my favorite color combo! :)

  2. I am getting a cold also and it sucks!

  3. Love skirt reviews almost as much as run recaps so it works for me.

  4. That picture is awesome. I especially like the lady in the background. :) Hope you don't get too sick.


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