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-Steve Prefontaine
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Run #10.3/Run #11.2 - That Was Hard!

Run #10.3
Due to my family Christmas being held this Sunday, I did my longest run on Saturday. It was a pretty chilly one, so again I was out in gloves and a jacket. I did 8 miles and they were pretty nice! There were many people out on the paths during my 2 large loops, and tons of dogs - some of which were in cute holiday attire! It kind of freaks me out that the thought of 8 didn't terrify me. I considered 10 but didn't want to be too over eager considering I still had a run on Sunday. Plus I was suppose to meet my mom for our Christmas dinner shopping trip.  Right after the run I went straight to the store to see her. Oh my gosh. Big mistake. She says she didn't notice, so she wasn't complaining - but I couldn't even handle being in the car with myself. I smelled terrible! I convinced myself that it was just an awesome run and I worked hard enough to be stinky through all of my layers (it never got above 39º during that run).  You'd think I would have showered right away after that, right? Wrong. I had some food, finished putting stamps on Christmas cards and went to the post office. THEN I spent forever messaging with someone on facebook, THEN I showered. I was so gross!!

OH! I created my own new warm up routine. . . blasting Michael Jackson (seriously, this is pretty much a life long obsession and now it is getting out of control) and dancing. Limbers you right up and gets your heart pumping before going outside!

Run #11.2
I dressed up as Christmas (runner style!)
I meant to have dinner last night. I was distracted watching the Wizard of Oz so it didn't happen. (Um, have any of you noticed how attractive the Tin Man is?? I think I have a new celebrity crush, and he died in 1979!) I meant to go to bed early. I was distracted continuing my unexpected, yet entertaining facebook conversation. So that didn't happen. My alarm went off at 7am. I was going to have breakfast but was distracted with Jimmy Buffet and my warm bed (that is not as dirty as it sounds, bummer), so it didn't happen. My family Christmas was around 11am, so I pretty much had to hurry, get dressed and head out the door.

It was 34º when I started. I layered up with a short sleeved RnR Vegas shirt, arm sleeves, a thick long-sleeve shirt and a jacket on top. Thick socks, CEP compression sleeves, Zensah capris and Nike pants on the bottom. Then my head/ear warmer and gloves. It was so cold out there and so foggy that my gloves had a constant frost on them. By the end of my run it was 34º, foggy AND raining. Just lovely. I ran 5 miles. They were 5 difficult miles. I attribute this to the lack of prep (i.e. not enough sleep, dehydrated, no food in my body) and not being used to running back to back days. Mentally it was a roller coaster. As soon as I'd convince myself that tired legs didn't mean I suck, I'd immediately get frustrated. 

I think my biggest annoyance was my head and getting mad at the hand nature dealt me with Meniere's Disease. I really feel like I should be a better runner by now. I should be able to do back to backs and not struggle, except that a lot of this year was spent with me physically unable to safely run and keep trying to improve. It just frustrates me. But I won't let Meniere's win and keep me down. I pushed forward (mind you I have been symptom free since the day after the Vegas half pretty much) and finished my five miles. It was hard, but I did it and I am really proud of myself for not giving up! 


  1. You looked so cute for your training run. I love those socks with the fuzzy white on top.

    Girl, don't get discouraged. I was feeling mopey this weekend, then had a chance to look back on this years races. We've both had a great year. Think of all those miles you've accomplished (not the ones that didn't happen).

  2. I don't know how you fun when it's that cold. Doesn't it hurt to breathe?

  3. I love the warm up plan!! I need to start doing that. I suck at warming up properly.

    And don't worry, I'm fighting bad training runs, too. . my god! What were we thinking?!

  4. You have had a great year just from what I have read of your blog and you really do have something that can pull the hand break at anytime of your training. You have a fantastic "its not join to beat me" attitude which is most the war won, I'm really proud of you to and I haven't even met you. :-)

  5. 8 and 5 is great! me usually afet 8and up I only do 3 recovery the next day.

    symptoms free: I like that part.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Love the furry socks! You always look so cute in your running outfits.

    I have NEvER watched or finished reading Wizard of Oz (Or Alice in Wonderful). I get scared.

  7. What a cute outfit! I love Wizard of Oz!


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