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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Run #10.4 - A Close Call

Last night I went out for 3 FAST miles! They felt great. It was 43º outside, which is my favorite running temperature. I was able to run without a jacket and feel comfortable. Woohoo! What wasn't comfortable was the close encounter I had with some annoying kids. I came around the corner and there were about 6 teenagers just standing on my sidewalk conversing. It was dark out, but early (7:30pm). No cars were around so I just went in the road around them. I nodded my head at them when I thought one said Hi, and continued on my way. Always being very aware of my surroundings I saw a shadow come up on me. One of the boys was mocking me and running up behind me. Nice try, buddy!

Today's purple patriotic look!
Being awesome (I mean it is my blog, so why would I say I'm anything but awesome?!?) I turned, ran backwards and proceeded to chew him out. I'll leave out what I said - not for the faint of heart. ;) Then I quickly turned, ran the normal way and continued off down the street and around the next corner. I ran for quite a while at sub-9!! Once at my grandpa's driveway I paused to survey the area and make sure none of them continued to follow me. They didn't. For the rest of the run I was on edge. Every car I saw that slowed down by me (seriously, EVERY car did and it freaks me out! Why can't they just go at a normal speed? Do you need to stop for people on sidewalks? No!) made me nervous. I've never spent an entire run in MY lifelong neighborhood so on edge before. This is why I already have my plan laid out for when I get kidnapped. I will rip off my Road ID and leave it where I was, as well as my Garmin -- so someone could plug it in, see my route and possibly get a clue as to where I had been and where I was captured. Morbid? Yes. Does it keep me alert and untrusting? Yes. Do I feel safer this way? Yes!

Also different on this run was my headlamp. We got them in our goody bags at the Vegas Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. I like to be unseen when I'm running. I stop and wait if cars are doing anything since I don't trust them. Now with this light on, people were seeing me and it was strange. I still stopped, and sometimes I did turn the light off. I admit I felt so silly having it on. Like maybe I should be mining with the Seven Dwarfs instead of running?

In the end I survived, maintaining an average 10 minute mile pace --- and that is including the 1 minute walk breaks here and there! I was on fire!

*In other news, after Walt Disney World Marathon weekend tries to kill me, things are changing. I got myself a free coach yesterday. He has plans to whip me into shape. If he thinks I'll keep up with his Boston Marathon training, he's delusional. But I'm going to do my best to listen to him and be a better runner! Until then, I'll enjoy my tiny late night 3 milers!


  1. I want to say good for you in telling them off but pleeeease take care of yourself. AWESOME time ;-)

  2. Glad everything turned out okay. I hate those runs that turn scary. There's nothing quite like feeling vulnerable miles from home. Be safe!

  3. Good for you! Glad you are wearing a headlamp at night, even if you look like a dork (I know I do). Can't wait to hear about your new training schedule with a coach.

  4. I have had the same thing happen with someone running behind me. It was odd. I am still a chicken and won't run in the dark.

  5. Mining with the Seven Dwarfs!! Love it! Good idea on the head lamp - I've been thinking about investing in one of those.


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